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The latest on data as a competitive advantage

Semarchy is the easiest, fastest path to best-in-class data management, governance, and integration. Get to know the Semarchy Unified Data Platform — then try it now.

Healthcare, Life Sciences

InfoMagnetics Technologies (IMT)

InfoMagnetics Technologies Corporation (IMT) is a privately held software development and consulting firm and an innovator and incubator of emerging technologies.

Curate Insights

Curate Insights is a mission-driven data and analytics consultancy that collaborates with leading organizations to deliver innovative strategies that enable rare insight discovery and fuel your unique digital transformation.

Fresh Gravity

Fresh Gravity is a business and technology consulting company at the cutting-edge of digital transformation.

A Global Pharmaceutical Company

International data hub for customers, products, and places — They leveraged Semarchy Master Data Management for a 360° view of customers across all products, systems devices, channels, and interactions in order to deliver a personalized, relevant experience.