Convergence for Address Verification and Geocoding includes key features to deliver a cost-effective and accurate worldwide address management solution that helps Semarchy’s customers build their success on national and international markets.

Accurate Address Enrichment and Verification

Convergence for Address Verification and Geocoding uses advanced algorithms to parse, cleanse, enrich, geocode and deliver addresses with maximum accuracy:

  • Cleanse and standardize address data
  • Generate full postal address from a partial address
  • Validate and correct address elements to street level for most countries
  • Enrich address with value-added geocoding information such as latitude/longitude, time zone, etc.

Worldwide Coverage

Convergence for Address Verification and Geocoding covers 240 countries around the world to meet your global and local requirements:

  • Support for 240 countries worldwide, with regular updates from local address data providers
  • Support for country specific characters (accents, umlauts, etc.) and international languages (Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Japanese Katakana and Kanji, Korean Hangul, etc.)
  • Address formatting compliant with country and language requirements

Adaptive On-Premise and On-Demand Model

Country databases are available on a modular basis, and support a mix of on-premise and on-demand for address processing. Extensively used countries can be installed and used on-premise and other countries can be used on-demand in a “pay-per-search” model. This model allows efficient cost optimization based on the actual geographic distribution of the address information.

Integrated in Semarchy Convergence Platform

Convergence for Address Verification and Geocoding is entirely integrated with Semarchy Convergence for MDM.
Through address enrichers and validators, Master Data including address information is automatically standardized, cleansed and validated, allowing extremely accurate de-duplication of this data in Convergence for MDM’s golden data certification process.