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Collaborative Data Governance in xDM

Data governance is a set of processes that ensures that important data assets are formally managed throughout the enterprise. It ensures that trusted information is used for critical business processes, decision-making, and accounting.

xDM is the only software solution that enables policy definition and enforcement in a single platform.

Solve Data Governance in parallel with your Master Data Management (MDM), Reference Data Management (RDM), Application Data Management (ADM), and Data Quality initiatives.

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Collaborative Data Governance

A robust data management solution is the cornerstone of a data governance process; Semarchy has designed our xDM solution with capabilities that enable data stewards to set policies that can flex and change as the system grows.

As a natural extension of the xDM platform, Collaborative Data Governance is the future of data management. It is no longer acceptable for dictatorial programs, set up by one governance board, to keep pace with the dynamic nature of business today. Powerful technology combined with an intuitive interface empowers the correct people to solve and prevent data issues, providing maximum organizational efficiency, accountability, and transparency.

Collaborate using xDM

Empower users with the highest contextual understanding to curate their own data.

Securely expose information required when and where it is needed to authorized users.

Turn data consumers into data producers; or rather, data stewards into Data Champions!

Maximize the value of an MDM, RDM, ADM or Data Quality investment with an end-to-end data governance solution.

Definition & Enforcement of Policies in Parallel

The Key to Good Data Governance

Ensuring accurate understanding and definition of the business terms, policies, and processes is fundamental in a data governance initiative. Without the technical foundation for enforcement of data governance, however, those initiatives are doomed to fail.

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Semarchy uniquely allows Data Champions to not only to define their policies with their accountability and responsibility but also to ensure that each policy is enforced, through a business rule within the xDM application.


  • Clear goals for your Data Governance initiative: what issues do you need to solve? What benefit will you have from solving those issues?
  • Clear processes: data to be governed is well-defined. Roles and processes for your team are well-defined and well-communicated.
  • Solidify permissions based on processes and roles to be performed.
  • Involve the business users into the process – they will have the most intimate knowledge of the data to be governed.
  • Due diligence throughout. Audit processes, ensure they are followed.
  • Communication and collaboration need to be stressed and facilitated.
  • Be prepared to handle organizational change (flexibility in your tools).
  • Ideal pairing = agile, intuitive, and collaborative MDM solution to align your people, processes, and technology.

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Semarchy clients benefit from our platform to design and deploy critical applications orchestrating business processes across multiple lines of businesses, all sharing a single consistent and governed data hub.