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Semarchy xDM: An End-to-end Cloud Experience on Azure

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Cloud technologies are more and more familiar to businesses, and customers deploy a larger number of internal and external-facing applications on cloud platforms.

However, cloud adoption is not always an easy path, as it sometimes requires business changes and technical skills that may not be readily available.

Semarchy xDM has been cloud-ready since its inception. This means that the same technology and code base behind xDM runs on-premises and in the cloud. 

Start with a Virtual Machine

Over the years, the Semarchy team has helped our customers on their cloud journey, from both the technical and business points of view. At the same time, we have set ourselves on a path to build the greatest product experience on this journey, with dedicated tutorials, and QuickStart Virtual Machines available today as offers on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure Marketplaces.

Mcrsft Azure Marketplace

These Quickstart VMs deploy self-contained virtual machines, including a database backend (PostgreSQL) and the Semarchy xDM application pre-configured for users to quickly get started with the tutorial, the training content, or their first data hub.

Semarchy xDM QuickStart VM in the Azure Marketplace

With a few clicks and with no knowledge of the xDM platform architecture, a user can start his own xDM instance. This type of offer is ideal to evaluate the solution and quickly get started.

Deploy your Production Infrastructure

When it comes to larger-scale environments, cloud administrators and DevOps need more powerful capabilities, including finer control over the deployed resources, scripted setup, administration, and deeper integration with the underlying cloud stack. Semarchy provides such capabilities as part of a Solution Template offer available in the Azure Marketplace.

Mcrsft Azure Template

This Solution Template offer deploys a large-scale, secured, and production-ready infrastructure for the Semarchy xDM platform, into which administrators can choose the backend databases technology and size, as well as configure and size virtual machines with load-balancing and high-availability.

The deployment may take place within the Azure Portal, in the Azure configuration UI, or can be entirely scripted.

This solution is designed not only to facilitate the initial setup but also to ease the maintenance process, supporting common operations such as infrastructure restart, xDM version upgrade, add/configure new data location databases, etc. The Solution Template offer is ideal for infrastructures with a longer life cycle, aimed at development, test, or production environments.

These two offers are complementary and are intended for different phases of the cloud adoption journey. With these two offers, Semarchy xDM prospects and customers can take an end-to-end journey with xDM on Azure. 

Get started with xDM on Azure today.