Semarchy ZA

A World Leader in Aeronautical Equipment

Improving data quality for better business intelligence in manufacturing

This client is a world leader in aeronautical equipment and systems for commercial, regional, and business aircraft, as well as helicopters and space. It develops and manufactures cutting-edge solutions to improve comfort and on-board facilities, as well as high-tech systems to improve aircraft performance and flight safety.

The need for improved Master Data Management became a necessity during the development of their services division, which offers a global distribution network of spare components, maintenance of equipment manufactured by the group’s other divisions, and tailor-made support services for air operators.

Enforcing data quality, data consolidation, data integration, and human workflows.

The aeronautical equipment manufacturer chose the Semarchy Unified Data Platform for its flexibility and iterative approach. The Semarchy technology corresponded to their need to build the Data Hub one step at a time, allowing them to scale gradually and integrate existing content into the tool while keeping the work already completed. Utilizing Semarchy, they leveraged one platform for strategic data management, powerful data integration, and intuitive data governance.

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