Client Story


ANFR, equivalent to the US’s Federal Communications Commission, uses Semarchy to optimize internal costs, reduce timelines while coordinating broadcast frequencies, and increase transparency in compliance with French regulations.

Agence Nationale des Fréquences is the French government agency in charge of radio frequencies and transmission sites. In 2012, they were going through a massive digital transformation and wanted to centralize all process-critical data into a single master data repository. The goal was to provide business process integrity and reduce the customer-facing timelines to better serve the dependent institutions and parties. 

The ANFR Data Hub integrates six legacy applications in real-time, including data from over five million frequency devices and antennas. The hub includes elements of Customer B2B and B2C (Coexistence), Products (Coexistence), Assets (Coexistence), Locations (Coexistence) and Reference Data (Centralized) Hubs. With xDM in place, ANFR has been able to optimize internal costs with centralized and accurate data gathered across all applications, reduce third-party-facing timelines for border frequencies coordination between neighbouring countries, and offers increased transparency and compliance with French regulations for Health & Environment with the Open Data initiative.

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