Client Story


ARaymond uses Semarchy to reduce compliance risk by centralizing policies and workflows for accurate traceability of product data. Centralizing five product catalogs and disparate reference data allowed it to simultaneously cut costs.

ARaymond is the world leader in industrial fasteners. 

Created in 1865, ARaymond creates optimized products, using the specific advantages of metal, plastic and the combination of the two. The company's main expertise consists of proposing solutions for fastenings and assembly, in order to improve performance and make savings. This expertise, globally recognized by the automotive industry has been transferred in a strategic way to other markets and now covers domains such as industrial equipment, building, energies, agriculture, and life sciences.

Augmenting Product Data Assets.

ARaymond has its critical product part information stored in a variety of applications, including Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Product Packaging Applications, as well as SAP ECC and CRM systems. The firm began an initiative to consolidate the product parts information and augment the value of these data assets. It took into account a product catalog containing hundreds of thousands of references. It had strong requirements for data versioning, data lineage and human workflow management of product data.

Choosing Semarchy

The project required a data hub software that could accommodate all of these capabilities, and integrate non-intrusively with existing business processes, support accelerated project evolution and controlled data evolution. The logical modeling paradigm and support for an iterative development approach fit with the ARaymond project strategy.

Partnering for Success

For this project, ARaymond received support from Keyrus, a Semarchy Partner. A Proof-of-Value (PoV) engagement was developed to verify the feasibility, scope, and potential ROI of the project.

In the words of Frank Simon, CIO at ARaymond:
“We have been impressed to see, during the proof of concept, Semarchy seamlessly integrates with our existing processes and display its data management and consolidation capabilities on top of our own public data in a very short timeframe. We believe in Semarchy’s capabilities to execute on our project.”

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