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Fortum uses Semarchy specifically in their Recycling & Waste Services (RWS) division. RWS business units in each country had their own master data, with a need to digitize the business. They use xDM to now master data centrally, with improved visibility and agility across countries.


About Fortum

Fortum is a leading clean energy company based in Finland offering solutions in electricity, gas, heating, cooling, smart energy, vehicle charging, and recycling and waste - to name a few. With core operations in 10 countries, Fortum believe their role is to partner with society (and their 8,300 employees) to jointly accelerate change by reshaping the energy system. Providing smart solutions for the future and improving resource efficiency is at the core of their mission for a cleaner world.

Working with our Partners

Valued partner Solita played an integral part in Fortum's implementation of xDM. Solita partnered with Fortum to carry out an information management project based on the Semarchy platform, taking a quantum leap into an agile new era.

Once xDM was chosen as the best tool for their needs, Fortum and Solita proceeded to create an entirely new information management capacity. With newly centralized master data and better transparency, the business was not only more agile but also set up for optimized operations in the future. 

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