Client Story


GrandVision France created a single customer view with xDM, in order to enrich their CRM including 10,000,000 french clients.

GrandVision NL is the global optical leader with more than 7,000 stores spread across 44 countries. The Group’s vision is to provide high quality and affordable optical care to its 150,000,000 clients around the world.

GrandVision, the French subsidiary of the group based in the Netherlands, is present in the French market through three well-known, specific brands which have different positioning: Générale d'Optique, GrandOptical, and Solaris, The Solar Specialist.

The French group intended to create a single customer view for each of its brands, in order to improve analysis performance, marketing operations, and customer relationships.

GrandVision created Customer (B2C) Intelligent Data Hub in xDM, leveraging a foundation of master data enriched and matched, addressing analytics, marketing, CRM and operational applications with two characteristics :

  • A single customer view with two levels: person and household
  • Medical data management compliance

Their ultimate goal is to develop a real-time system across stores and websites, that will gather all of the information to verify if a customer exists before creating a new one.

The project helps them to reduce the costs of management, marketing, and sales operations, as well as increases the effectiveness of the loyalty program.

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