Client Story


Semarchy xDM solution will help the enterprise to ensure consistent use of product master data across the corporation.

MediaTek Inc., a global leading fabless semiconductor company in Taiwan, needed a way to better control the many complex aspects of the product information and life cycle. Since they engineer and develop complex microprocessors, involving many steps and people, they needed to centralize the relevant data sets, and introduce tighter controls, governance, and processes around the related project and product information.

MediaTek is using the solution to consolidate their chip product master data and validate the correctness of those critical data with xDM user interfaces.
It becomes an essential part of their data analysis flow and empower the decision process with verified information.
It also brings the capability to combine data with different aspect to build up the master data ontology.
Semarchy xDM solution is really helping Mediatek solve the problem on master data management.

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