National Student Clearinghouse

Tackling the challenges of governance, master data and data quality

With a vast database of learner information, including sensitive PII records, living in an aging legacy system in need of modernization, NSC needed to develop an MDM platform while matching and migrating old data. The organization was required to maintain daily operations and customer service uninterrupted, as well as implement and train on the new system virtually during the beginning of the COVID pandemic. By selecting Semarchy, NSC wanted to align MDM to their corporate strategy of improving customer support with accuracy of data and records on all learners, while migrating data from legacy systems to the cloud.

A Collaborative Platform for Data Management and Governance

Leveraging the Semarchy xDM platform and Semarchy best practices, NSC created an operational foundation to give their business access to a large volume of streamlined, high-quality data. By eliminating legacy IT systems and moving to a cloud-hosted platform with on-premise connectivity, NSC employees are empowered with a single platform to support and facilitate the completion of customer requests with one source of truth. With Master Data Management at its core, NSC now benefits from a collaborative hub for data management and governance across their organization, giving them more control and achieving several benefits.

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“Support with system integration we received from Semarchy was really impressive and just in time and ongoing – they worked really closely with our infrastructure team to understand exactly how it needed to be set up to get the most out of the tool as quickly as possible.”

— Felicia Perez Managing Director, Information as a Product Program at National Student Clearinghouse

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