Empowering people with improved business processes and data assets

A global paints and coatings manufacturer made more than 30 acquisitions resulting in many different regional and brand-specific CRM, ERP, financial, and other operational systems. With critical data assets like customer, product, supplier, and reseller siloed in a wide variety of operational systems across the globe, answering basic questions like “who are our top 50 largest customers?” became difficult to answer consistently.

Solving data challenges like this also produced low-hanging fruit efficiency gains by streamlining the work required for compliance, financial reporting, sales, and revenue forecasting for their growing global brand. In this context, this global giant approached Semarchy and D3Clarity, a Semarchy premier partner specializing in helping organizations modernize through improvements in data and cloud infrastructure.

Maximizing business value of data with a global customer data hub

The client worked with Semarchy and our partner, D3Clarity by leveraging Semarchy xDM and D3Clarity’s MDM-as-a-Service cloud offering. Through intimate collaboration with business and IT teams, D3Clarity designed and deployed a functional MVP Global Customer Hub Semarchy xDM solution in just 12 weeks.


  • Lack of critical information about their customers
  • Aggregate customer data from all locations in a simple format
  • Consolidate and integrate over 45 million data points for their global enterprise
  • Data quality and data governance issues


  • A single platform for managing and governing all customer data
  • Streamlined operations: Convenience of using their CRM, accounting, or ERP systems with a single source of truth for customer data.
  • Ability to create standardized data sets and reporting allowing regulatory verification and data compliance
  • Easy data modeling and user-friendly cloud-based platform


  • Know Your Customer (KYC): New ability to drill into all the connected customer data for each entity to understand retail customers
  • Improved business outcomes, operational efficiencies, and reduced costs
  • Business process agility and improved business continuity and profitability
  • Increased compliance and risk management

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