Semarchy S

A Global Pharmaceutical Company

International data hub for customers, products, and places

One of the largest, most innovative global pharmaceutical companies operates with the mission of chasing the miracles of science to improve people’s lives. With a team of over 100,000 employees across 170 countries, 70 manufacturing sites, 20 R&D sites. They leveraged Semarchy Master Data Management for a 360° view of Customers across all products, systems devices, channels, and interactions in order to deliver a consistent, personalized, and relevant experience.

Supporting digital transformation with accurate and relevant data

With a multitude of disparate systems across the globe, they were looking to support their digital transformation with the most accurate and relevant customer data. Their key goal was reaching the right customer through digital channels to provide the right content for that specific customer and create a connection and a user experience with them as a pharmaceutical company.

They initiated a program aimed at supporting this digital transformation with accurate and relevant data and approached Semarchy with the following data challenges and business drivers:

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