Client Story


Transdev is an international private-public transport operator, based in France. They leveraged xDM to build an Intelligent Data Hub for HR processes and applications.

Transdev is an international public transport operator. The group design public, private, urban and rural transport systems. They also offer services adapted for mobility like itinerary applications, a contactless payment system for the bus network, taxi fleets and chauffeur-driven cars' coordination.

Transdev operates in 19 countries with more than 80,000 employees worldwide.

The group wanted to improve quality and facilitate international HR management.  They handle information for companies’ employees, as well as information for casual external workers in the region.

The HR master data domain created with xDM platform notably enables:

  • Solve data matching and storing issues
  • Secure access management (after a departure for example)
  • Facilitate external casual workers management at the group level

All included in the Data Hub which communicates with CRM and HR applications. Going forward, a hundred sources should be linked.

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