Client Story

Vermont Information Processing

VIP leveraged xDM to master all the necessary data components and definitions across the beverage industry. Their counterparties can upload files from spreadsheets, or use several data formats to quickly share and update records.

Vermont Information Processing (VIP) has been a leader in providing innovative business solutions to the beverage industry for over 40 years. The vast majority (almost 400 at last count) of US distributors rely on the VIP Beverage System for almost every aspect of their business, across devices, platforms and time zones.

To improve interaction across suppliers, customers, and partners in the US Beverage industry, VIP took it upon themselves to build a system to proctor industry standards.

Learn how VIP tackled these challenges by successfully creating a mastered product catalog for the beverage industry by viewing their presentation at the MDM & Data Governance Summit 2017 in New York.

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