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A complete and accurate view of your customer is critical for improving the customer experience. This requires maintaining a synchronized view of your customer interactions through your e‑commerce site, call center, and physical stores. With this in place, third party data seamlessly adds value to your existing prospect lists. Most importantly, it enables marketing to execute on successful cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Semarchy’s agile approach to master data management (MDM) enables the business to drive your customer master data programs. Our agile business-driven approach is different from traditional solutions that start from a predefined customer data model and require your team to customize a generic model to address your specific business challenge. Instead, our agile approach starts with a small MDM program and gradually increases after initial success so that business needs drive the MDM’s evolution over time.

Semarchy delivers value in weeks, not months. MDM does not need to be part of a high-cost, high-risk, long-term solution. Let us prove how Semarchy can play an integral part in your business.

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