Success Stories


Elsevier is a world-leading provider of information solutions that enhance the performance of science, health, and technology professionals. Elsevier uses Semarchy to future‑proof their e‑commerce solution by seamlessly integrating different sources of product data.

Download the Elsevier master data management case study to read how Elsevier chose Semarchy and discovered how an agile MDM solution could advance their organizational goals.


DiamondStream is a marketing analytics company dedicated to enhancing its clients’ profits in the gaming industry. DiamondStream uses Semarchy’s cloud MDM on AWS to increase revenue with more accurate datasets resulting in market-leading analytics. They also reduce run costs for complex data production processes.

Download the DiamondStream master data management case study to read how DiamondStream chose Semarchy to vastly improve the quality of their product and help grow revenue.

Electronics Manufacturer

A large electronics manufacturing corporation had a vision for how they could be using customer data to grow sales, improve customer relationships, and enhance the performance of their products. But before they could put their data to work, they realized they needed to reconcile conflicting records across their various systems. See how Semarchy helped them accomplish this and realize business value.