Semarchy Convergence for MDM generates and deploys a Data Convergence Hub™ from the logical model. Convergence Hub™ implements an architecture that is unobtrusive for master data publishers and consumers, and non-disruptive for existing processes. It includes the data certification processes, the storage structures and the access APIs for the deployed models.

Automatically Generated Certification Process

Semarchy’s Convergence Hub™ is automatically generated using the logical model metadata. In Semarchy Convergence for MDM, there is no additional development step between designing and deploying. The automated certification processes run standalone, processing data pushed by publisher applications to certify golden data.

Publishers’ Data and Web Services APIs

Publishers declared in Semarchy’s Convergence Hub™ hub have access to the Data and Web Services APIs to push source data to Semarchy’s Convergence Hub™. These APIs are generated from the model definition in an open format which can be easily consumed by the data integration team.

Batch or Real-Time Integration Patterns

Semarchy Convergence for MDM APIs support both batch integration using ETL/Data Integration products or real-time integration patterns using SOA or ESB integration platforms.

Lineage Back to the Source

Semarchy’s Convergence Hub™ stores the data at the various stages of the certification process, including records rejected by the validation steps and cross-references to source data. This enables data stewards to trace the lineage of the golden data back to the source publishers.

Generated Web Services API for Data Distribution

Distribution of the golden data is made possible via various data APIs, including a Web Service API that is generated from the model definition. These APIs provide access to the golden, master and lineage data. Such access is done “as-of-version” of data thus allowing access to current or past snapshots of the master data.

Database Power for Processing and Storage

Semarchy Convergence for MDM uses a database for storing Semarchy’s Convergence Hub™ and for running the data certification process. Leveraging a relational database management system enables Semarchy’s Convergence Hub™ to support any volume of data while providing the best performances on the market and enterprise-class scalability.

Full Integration with Convergence for Data Integration

The Convergence for Data Integration option is the next generation high-performance data integration platform that enables your IT team to deliver the right data, at the right place, at the right time. It manages the integration flows between the operational/analytic applications and the master data hub.