Semarchy Convergence for Data Integration uses an intuitive, familiar and robust Integrated Development Environment (IDE), the Convergence for Data Integration Designer that contributes to the unified user experience of the Semarchy Convergence Platform. This IDE is designed with features that ensure better productivity for development and higher efficiency for maintenance.

Metadata Driven Approach

The entire integration logic design is driven by metadata, supporting powerful cross-referencing and impact analysis capabilities that ease the development and maintenance of the data integration flows.

Declarative Design

Data mappings are designed graphically in a declarative way, focusing on the purpose of these mappings. The technical processes required for achieving the data movement and transformation are automatically generated using built-in process templates.

Integration Process Workflows

Complex process workflows are designed in diagrams, using a rich toolbox. Workflows support parallelism, conditional branching and event-based execution.

Components Reusability and Templating

The mappings as well as the workflows can be reused within the same project or in other projects. Processes can be converted into user-defined templates for reusability.

Seamless Team Collaboration

Standard source control systems such as Concurrent Versioning System (CVS) or Apache Subversion (SVN) are available from within the Convergence for Data Integration Designer to safely share projects within the team or across teams in robust infrastructures.