Convergence for Data Integration includes key features for better design-time productivity and higher run-time performances.

Through all these features, Semarchy Convergence for Data Integration enables you to deliver master data where and when the business needs it, in a simple, fast and safe way.

High Performance ELT Architecture

The ELT (Extract-Load and Transform) architecture used in Semarchy Convergence for Data Integration leverages the data processing engines in place to run processes generated and optimized for these engines for best performance and scalability at a lower cost.

Powerful User Experience

Semarchy Convergence for Data Integration uses an intuitive, familiar and robust Integrated Development Environment (IDE), the Convergence for Data Integration Designer that contributes to the unified user experience of the Semarchy Convergence platform. This IDE is designed with features that ensure better productivity for development and higher efficiency for maintenance.

  • Metadata Driven Approach
  • Declarative Design
  • Integration Process Workflows
  • Components Reusability and Templating
  • Seamless Team Collaboration

Rationalized Production

Setting up and maintaining a production environment with Semarchy Convergence for Data Integratio is made fast and simple.

  • Lightweight Runtime Deployment
  • Rationalized Deployment Model
  • Comprehensive Monitoring

Enterprise-Class Data Integration

Semarchy Convergence for Data Integration provides universal data access and enterprise-class capabilities for integration, supporting out of the box a wide range of technologies in an extensible connectivity framework.

  • Extensible Connectivity Framework
  • Built-in Technology Adapters
  • Real-Time and Batch Integration Patterns
  • Data Integration Services
  • Unified Convergence Product Suite