• Semarchy Convergence for Data Integration is the next generation high-performance data integration platform that enables your IT team to deliver the right data, at the right place, at the right time.

    Semarchy Convergence for MDM, the Data Integration Platform for Evolutionary MDM™
  • Semarchy Convergence for DI supports out of the box a wide range of technologies in an extensible connectivity framework, as well as real-time, batch and service-oriented integration patterns.

  • The entire integration logic design is driven by metadata and data mappings are designed graphically in a declarative way, focusing on the purpose of these mappings.

  • Complex process workflows are designed in diagrams, using a rich toolbox. Workflows support parallelism, conditional branching and event-based execution.

  • Convergence for Data Integration has a rationalized approach to production through lightweight components, a simple deployment model and powerful monitoring capabilities.

  • Through all these features, Semarchy Convergence for Data Integration enables you to deliver master data where and when the business needs it, in a simple, fast and safe way.