Release and deploy your plug-in

This page provides step-by-steps instructions to release and deploy a plug-in developed for Semarchy xDM.

The plug-in is released as a Jar file that will be deployed in a Semarchy xDM instance. Once deployed, the plug-in becomes available for design and run-time.

Generate the plug-in binary

When the plug-in is tested, or when a new version is available, you can generate the plug-in binary.

To generate the plug-in binary:

  1. Select the plug-in project, right-click and select Export.

  2. Select Plug-in Development > Deployable plug-ins and fragments.

  3. In the Destination tab, use the Browse button to select a target directory for your plug-in. For example: c:\temp.

  4. Select the Plug-in to deploy. For example: com.acme.phoneStandardizer.

  5. Click Finish.

The jar for the plug-in is created in a plugins folder under the selected destination directory. The generated jar file is named after the plug-in ID and version number.

When selecting the plug-ins and fragments to deploy, make sure to select only the plug-in, and not the JUnit test case fragments as they are not needed for running the plug-in.

Increment the plug-in version

If the plug-in was modified or fixed, before generating the new version of the plug-in binary, increment the plug-in version

To increment the Plug-in version:

  1. In the plug-in project, double-click the plugin.xml file to edit it.

  2. In the overview tab, increment the Version number. For example, if the original plug-in version is 1.0.0, then the first patch for this plug-in would be 1.0.1.

  3. Press Control+S (or Command+S on macOS) to save the editor.

As the generated jar file is named after the plug-in ID and its version number, you can preserve in this directory the successive versions of the plug-in.

Deploy the plug-in

To deploy a plug-in in a Semarchy xDM instance, you must connect with a user that has the Platform Administration Read/Write privileges, or with an administrator user (semarchyAdmin role).

To deploy the plug-in binary:

  1. Connect to the Semarchy Configuration.

  2. Double-click the Plug-ins link.

  3. Click the Install or Update Plug-in button in the upper right corner of the Plug-ins editor. The Install/Update Plug-ins dialog opens.

  4. Click the Browse button and select the plug-in binary file. For example: com.acme.phoneStandardizer_1.0.0.jar.

  5. Click OK. A Status window shows the number of plug-ins installed or updated.

The plug-in now appears in the list, and can be used in the models and the integration jobs.