Semarchy xDI 2023.1 Release Notes

This document provides the latest information about Semarchy xDI version 2023.1, including new features and Bug Fixes.

Version Number

Semarchy xDI’s versions will now use the <year>.<quarter>.<patch> pattern. The current version will be the first to use this pattern and will be called 2023.1.0.

Feature Highlights

Semarchy xDI version 2023.1 is a major release with multiple improvements to the design experience, deployment and monitoring, administration and infrastructure. It also includes new and updated components.

Design Experience

JSON Deserializer

A major improvement to the mappings design experience has been introduced in the form of the JSON Deserializer, which allows users to integrate semi-structured JSON data contained in table columns. The Deserializer parses the column content into separate fields, which can be mapped into the targets.

The graphical interface of the Deserializer replaces manual code or complex mappings/processes used to process such data, reducing the design time and the risk of errors.

Selective Reverse-Engineering

An additional wizard step allows users the option for Selective Reverse Engineering of columns and keys.

Apple Silicon Support

Semarchy xDI Designer is now available for the Apple Silicon (M1, M2) chipsets.

Other design experience enhancements include:

  • Copy-paste support in mappings

  • Browse button to select metadata reference in properties

Deployment and Monitoring

Designer CLI

A Simplified Designer CLI has been introduced, providing users with a pre-configured, user-friendly interface to simplify package build and delivery commands. See Designer CLI.

If you were using the legacy command-line, see Upgrade the Designer.

Semarchy xDI Production Analytics

Multiple enhancements have been made to Semarchy xDI Production Analytics, facilitating the deployment and monitoring experience, including:

  • REST API definition in OpenAPI v3 format.

  • Alphabetical sorting in some views, validation prompts, and more.

  • Prompt for delivery parameters when running deliveries.

  • New Delivery Name Pattern field in the environment definition to add prefixes and suffixes to the generated delivery names.

  • In the Delivery Projects Supervisor, the ability to build, deploy or build and deploy deliveries.

  • In the Session Report editor, a new Boundary Mode option to filter the sessions that started, ended, or were running between boundaries, with the ability to specify absolute date and time.

  • New Save As option for session reports.

Google Cloud Storage Delivery Repository

Google Cloud Storage is now available as a delivery repository option, allowing Google Cloud Platform users to store all their production assets in their cloud infrastructure.

New and Updated Components

Components and Connectors are the heart of Semarchy xDI, providing users with seamless access to capacities and complexities of various technologies. Keeping these features up to date, as well as creating connectors to additional technologies is an ongoing activity at Semarchy.

New Couchbase Connector

Semarchy xDI now provides a new Couchbase connector supporting reverse-engineering and integration of Couchbase data, taking advantage of the FTS and N1QL query capabilities.

New Actian Avalanche Connector

Semarchy xDI now provides a new Actian Avalanche connector supporting reverse-engineering and integration of Actian Avalanche data, with a specific template for Google BigQuery to Avalanche integration.

New SQream DB Connector

Semarchy xDI now provides a new SQream DB connector supporting reverse-engineering and integration of SQream DB data.

New Azure Table Storage Connector

Semarchy xDI now provides a new Azure Table Storage connector to create, read, update, and delete tables and entities in Azure Table Storage.

New Native CDC for IBM DB2/400

The new Native CDC for IBM DB2/400 uses the native AS/400 journaling capabilities to capture changes and use them in mappings.

Snowflake Component Update

The Snowflake component has been updated in Semarchy xDI to provide users with templates to load, integrate and replicate data with advanced support for Snowflake capabilities, including Snowpipe, External Storage as well as JSON in Variant columns.

xDM Component Update

The xDM component has been enhanced to provide users with configuration and templates that simplify consuming data from and publishing data to Semarchy xDM. A new dedicated integration template supports comparing incoming and existing master data for incremental updates as well as automated load management.

Other component updates include:

  • Base and HTTP REST, with a new metadata to store Certificates and Keys, and a new template supporting the JSON Lines format,

  • Cassandra, with enhanced Spark templates and native reverse-engineering,

  • Amazon s3, with new parameters to handle other s3 providers and a dedicated Redshift CDC template,

  • Support for Target Filters in MySQL and PostgreSQL,

  • Harmonized index creation parameters in all templates.

  • Elasticsearch version 2, 5 and 6 are no longer supported.

Semarchy xDI components version 2023.1 require Semarchy xDI Designer version 2023.1.

Noticeable Changes

System Requirements

The following changes have been made to the system requirements:

  • Semarchy xDI Designer now supports Apple Silicon chipsets (M1, M2).

  • Semarchy xDI Designer no longer supports Windows 7 and 8.1.

  • Semarchy xDI Production Analytics now supports Wildfly 15.x to 26.x. Previous versions are no longer supported.

  • Semarchy xDI Production Analytics now requires a JDK 11.

  • Semarchy xDI Runtime support for JDK 8 is deprecated and will be removed in version 2023.2.0.

See the System Requirements for more information.

Memory Settings

Default memory settings have been removed from the Semarchy xDI Designer and Semarchy xDI Runtime configuration files. With this new configuration, memory is by default managed automatically by the Java Machine and Eclipse.

See Designer Memory Settings and Runtime Memory Settings for more details about memory configuration.

RMI Protocol Discontinued

Semarchy xDI Designer and Semarchy xDI Runtime no longer use the RMI protocol for their communications. HTTP entirely replaces this protocol.

Semarchy xDI Production Analytics still supports this protocol to communicate with previous Runtime versions. This support will be removed in a future version.

In the Semarchy xDI Runtime configuration:

  • The following RMI-related parameters no longer exist: rmiHost, rmiPort, rmiCallbackPort, rmiEnableTls, startSoapServer, enableHttpClientConnections.

  • The following parameters have been renamed: soapHost to httpHost and soapServerPort to httpServerPort.

Semarchy xDI Runtime Logging

Semarchy xDI Runtime now uses Log4J2 for logging. Customized logging configurations using the Log4J1 format must be converted to Log4J2 after the upgrade. See Migrating Logging Configurations to Log4J2 format for more information.

The logging is now centralized by default in a single file. A sample logging configuration reproducing previous releases' behavior is available in the properties\samples\logging Runtime` folder.

Semarchy xDI Runtime JDBC Connections

JDBC Connection management and pooling in the Runtime have been reviewed to improve stability and performance.

In the Semarchy xDI Runtime configuration:

  • The following parameters have been removed: enableConnectionPoolForJdbcDatabases, enableConnectionPoolForLogDatabase, userLogRdbmsConnectionEnableRetry, userLogRdbmsConnectionRetryDelay, userLogRdbmsConnectionRetryNumber.

  • The following parameters have been added: userLogRdbmsPoolEnabled, userLogRdbmsPoolConnectionTimeout, userLogRdbmsPoolIdleTimeout, userLogRdbmsPoolMaxLifetime, userLogRdbmsPoolKeepAliveTime, userLogRdbmsPoolMinimumIdle, userLogRdbmsPoolMaximumSize, userLogRdbmsPoolValidationTimeout, userLogRdbmsPoolConnectionTestQuery.

ExecuteAPI User Role

A new ExecuteAPI user role is added to the Semarchy xDI Runtime configuration. This role grants privileges to run deliveries using API endpoints. This capability is no longer part of the Execute role’s privileges, which is intended to allow running standalone deliveries.

The following related parameters have been removed from the Runtime configuration: soapServerUser, soapServerPassword, soapServerUncryptedPassword, httpRestServiceUser and httpRestServicePassword. The new ExecuteAPI should be used instead.

See Runtime Security for more information.

Other Changes

  • The H2 JDBC Driver included in Semarchy xDI Production Analytics has been removed. It must now be added manually by the user. See Configure Log Databases for more information.

  • The versions Runtime command is deprecated in favor of the existing runtime version command. See General Commands for more information.

Change Log


Semarchy xDI Designer

Bug Fixes
  • DI-6997: Review the the UI of the Metadata Editor properties to fix several glitches and issues.

  • DI-7333: Unable to reverse engineer RDBMS Metadata Queries, various errors are raised.

  • DI-7341: When the buildPackage command is executed in command line, special characters are not decoded properly in generated files

  • DI-7347: The reverse engineering of composite primary keys is incorrect.

  • DI-6873: User custom userLogs are ignored when a delivery is executed from an UberJar.

  • DI-6874: When the buildPackage command is executed in command line, the generated documentation does not contain the process and mapping diagrams in some situations.

  • DI-7122: No error message is displayed when an end date earlier than start date is set in a schedule.

  • DI-7134: An error is thrown when renaming a project while background operations are running in Designer.

  • DI-7160: The EULA displayed in the Software Update Installation page contains malformed characters.

  • DI-7196: In the Designer CLI, the buildDelivery and patch commands return command not found.

  • DI-7219: Mappings metadata and processes cannot be rebuilt from a folder or a project in Project Explorer.

  • DI-7223: In Rdbms metadata, the tables, schemas, query folders, and queries no are not displayed in the alphabetical order.

Semarchy xDI Runtime

New Feature
  • DI-7038: New system properties have been added to configure Runtime graceful shutdown delay.

Bug Fixes
  • DI-6714: The external value syntax (%ext{}ext%) in a password does not work when the syntax is provided as text.

  • DI-7326: Soap Endpoints: the error "Internal Server Error net.sf.saxon.trans.XPathException" is raided when trying to access soap endpoints.

  • DI-6873: User custom userLogs are ignored when a delivery is executed from an UberJar.

  • DI-7005: The Delete Files tool does not take into account the Del Case Sensitive option.

  • DI-7133: The DESERIALIZER Rdbms String as Json template produces conversion error with databases that do not have implicit conversions.

  • DI-7140: When a delivery is started with the Deliv Memory Mode parameter set to false, the process fails even though the delivery is successfully started.

  • DI-7153: The runtime startup errors logs are not logged into the xdi-runtime.log default output file.

  • DI-7159: Designer’s Stop Local Runtime and Semarchy xDI Runtime’s stopengine scripts fail when Designer is installed in a folder whose name has space characters.

  • DI-7187: The SQL initialization script fails if the request ends with a semicolon.

  • DI-7201: The Log Level is not returned by the runtime in the schedule details.

  • DI-7208: Incoming http requests are rejected when the <allow> node is not defined in the engineParameters.xml file.

  • DI-7216: Some RDBMS metadata pooling parameters are ignored.

  • DI-7278: Deliveries deployed has Web services are not executed if the delivery name contains a space.

  • DI-7313: Processes with special characters in the name are not displayed in the Navigator view.

Semarchy xDI Production Analytics

Bug Fixes
  • DI-7122: No error message is displayed when an end date earlier than start date is set in a schedule.

  • DI-7137: The Disable Log Database Proxy parameter is not applied when having multiple runtimes with the same sessions log database configured with different values.

  • DI-7138: When adding a new runtime in Analytics administration, the default host and port proposed are localhost and 42000.

  • DI-7144: The Strict Boundary Mode only considers the date and not the time precision.

  • DI-7200: The RMI deprecation message is truncated.

  • DI-7269: Third-party library upgrade - jQuery.

License Service

Bug Fixes
  • DI-7199: The Boundary Mode value is not saved in session reports properties.

  • DI-7249 & DI-7250: The <html> tags of the notice.html and license.html pages have neither the lang nor the xml:lang attributes.


Semarchy xDI Designer

Breaking Changes
  • DI-6489: RMI protocol is no longer supported.

New Features
  • DI-349: The Selective Reverse step has been added to the metadata reverse-engineering wizard. This step allows you to select or unselect the columns of a database table you wish or do not wish to reverse-engineer.

  • DI-3043: When deleting a runtime purge, a message is displayed asking users to confirm their decision.

  • DI-4134: The metadata icons are also displayed in the metadata editor tabs when the Metadata Product Icons option is enabled.

  • DI-4567: The Create Stage Indexes option has been added to all the stage templates that create tables. This option allows creating an index for each stage field tagged with the IDX<name> pattern.

  • DI-4572: The Create indexes on Target Table option has been added to all the integration templates. This option allows creating the indexes defined on the metadata at the end of the integration.

  • DI-5011: In a mapping, when selecting the staging area of a datastore, the sub-metadatas is also listed.

  • DI-5069: Empty values can be defined in metadata attributes and can be generated in deliveries and packages.

  • DI-5188: In Designer version 5.3, when hovering the mouse over the connected runtime, the tooltip only displays the relevant API version information.

  • DI-5196: In the Register License dialog, when the License key file mode is not selected, the License Key File field is now hidden.

  • DI-5238: The dependency between the technology model bundles and the UI and workspace has been removed.

  • DI-5312: The metadata now supports hexadecimal properties.

  • DI-5334: The Reverse REST and HTTP Security wizards have been moved from the designer to the HTTP REST component.

  • DI-5395: The dead status has been added to the runtime purge editor.

  • DI-5421: The com.semarchy.xdi.designer.core.product.version feature indicates the version name and number corresponding to the public version of the core product.

  • DI-5422: In the software update wizard, the Show only software applicable to target environment checkbox is now selected by default.

  • DI-5432: The dependency between the metadata model bundles and the UI and workspace has been removed.

  • DI-5446: The dependency between the templates, conf, and EGC model bundles and the UI and workspace has been removed.

  • DI-5448: The dependency between the process model bundles and the UI and workspace has been removed.

  • DI-5450: The dependency between the mapping model bundles and the UI and workspace has been removed.

  • DI-5452: The dependency between the indexation and the UI and workspace has been removed.

  • DI-5454: The dependency between the generation and the UI and workspace has been removed.

  • DI-5473: Copy-paste operations can be performed in mappings on different mapping elements.

  • DI-5656: The Apache Log4j logging utility has been removed from Designer. It has been replaced with JDK logging.

  • DI-5725: The eclipse target platform has been upgraded to version 4.23.

  • DI-5726: Semarchy xDI Designer can now be run natively without the compatibility mode on Apple’s Mac M1 computers.

  • DI-5760: When opening the Query Editor, focus is automatically added to the query text area.

  • DI-5798: In the metadata contextual menu, the XPath and Global XPath submenus have been replaced with the XPath Expressions Wizard submenu.

  • DI-5918: The mechanism that allows the designer and templates to transform an XML structure into a table-like structure to handle the truncation of the datastore name has been improved.

  • DI-5984: In the Metadata editor, a browse button has been added on reference type attributes. This button allows exploring the available options that can be used as values of these reference properties.

  • DI-5997: The function used for converting data types has been improved to support dynamic masks.

  • DI-6006: A warning message is displayed in the Error Logs view as well as in the Modules Management Preferences window when an existing module has not been upgraded due to version incompatibilities.

  • DI-6032: Analytics now displays the public version of the runtime on the navigator, instead of the internal version.

  • DI-6320: When a module contains user libraries conflicting with inner libraries provided by Semarchy, a warning message is displayed in the Error Logs view as well as in the Modules Management preferences window.

  • DI-6391: A simplified designer command replaces the java -jar command. Use this command to run script files from a Designer installation folder.

  • DI-6491: The Designer Offline Licenses and the License file of the License Server are now validated using a key pair.

  • DI-6539: New template criteria can be provided in technologies using XPath expressions.

  • DI-6543: The deserializer feature is now available in Designer. Use the deserializer in your mappings to parse JSON data from source datastores and load it into target datastores.

  • DI-6545: The DESERIALIZER HSQL String as JSON and DESERIALIZER RDBMS String as JSON templates allow parsing JSON data from source datastores.

  • DI-6600: Graphic elements have been updated.

  • DI-6736: The error message displayed when starting the license server with a non-compatible offline license file has been improved to make it more intelligible.

  • DI-6143: Rename betaBuildUberRuntime Designer command to buildUberRuntime. The previous name is still supported for compatibility.

  • DI-6500: Remove the default Designer JVM memory management settings.

  • DI-6779: Logging can be configured in Designer.

Bug Fixes
  • DI-3712: When clicking a datastore, sometimes the quick buttons do not appear, forcing the user to click another datastore and re-click the first one to see them.

  • DI-4497: Wizards do not propose a scroll bar on small screens or when resizing them. This makes certain fields inaccessible.

  • DI-4868: When copy-pasting a process action with links and notes into another process, the links and notes are not copied.

  • DI-5288: A NullPointerException error message is thrown when clicking Show Properties View in the contextual menu on a template.

  • DI-5301: When comparing a project template with an internal resource, the Internal Resource version pane is empty.

  • DI-5333: Processes cannot be saved when an element is selected in the diagram.

  • DI-5371: The Replace in usages by feature does not replace the references that are in processes.

  • DI-5373: When working on a process that overrides an internal resource, several visual glitches related to metadata links can appear and spoil the UX.

  • DI-5409: In some situations, the designer displays an action as successful although it is considered as failed in the session logs.

  • DI-5417: It is not possible to clear the metadata password field once it has been set.

  • DI-5419: Double quotes are not escaped in the generated code and are generated as they are. This causes errors such as Element type "field" must be followed by either attribute specifications.

  • DI-5424: When a disabled mapping expression contains an error, the mapping is not built.

  • DI-5426: The unbuilt mapping marker is not be visible at startup.

  • DI-5462: The Output Level delivery preference is ignored.

  • DI-5465: When saving a process imported from internal resources containing both the Meta-INF and other nodes such as xslVariableName, the latter are unexpectedly removed, causing errors such as Variable has not been declared.

  • DI-5681: When using the EMF Compare feature, the UnsupportedOperation error is displayed when comparing a process with local history.

  • DI-5742: Performance issue when rendering the selective reverse-engineering page in various wizards.

  • DI-5751 & DI-5793: When using the EMF Compare feature, in some scenarios the merge operation fails, unexpected conflicts are detected and are not visible due to a NullPointerException.

  • DI-5752: The XPath Expressions Wizard displays the executed function in lowercase inside the console instead of displaying its real case.

  • DI-5755: In the Execution and Generation finger tabs, borders are missing on the Condition text field.

  • DI-5778: From the designer, some sessions cannot be accessed when trying to view their details and the Unable to find altIds in the runtime for session <sessionName> error is displayed.

  • DI-5805: The provider name displayed in the Analytics RCP feature is Stambia.

  • DI-5824: When building the package or delivery of a mapping that has a stage with a datatyped field, the The metadata model is missing in the workspace error is thrown .

  • DI-5829: The java.lang.ClassCastException exception is raised when using the EMF compare feature.

  • DI-5874: When clicking a process link, the java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: begin 30, end -1, length 40 error is thrown.

  • DI-5954: When deleting a mapping, the underlying built stage metadata is not deleted.

  • DI-5972: The Original XPath Expression displayed in the console is wrong when testing a reference function through the XPath Expression Wizard. It mentions tech:function instead of ref:function.

  • DI-6005: When the designer restarts, the modules using third-party packs that do not exist anymore should be kept untouched and not recreated.

  • DI-6106: When the connection to a runtime fails, the connections stacktrace fails to provide any useful information about the connection failure.

  • DI-6118: In mappings, the parser unexpectedly displays a syntax error warning on a common expression that is valid, when it contains a string value with a space character.

  • DI-6136: The Export Models and Dependencies feature does not include all the related user defined functions (UDF) metadata files.

  • DI-6145: When a mapping uses User Defined Functions, the context menu Show Required Models does not show the UDF metadata.

  • DI-6229: The legacy Stambia icon is still used in the generated mappings and process documentation.

  • DI-6284: Ant - Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-6290: Semarchy xDI freezes when opening mappings containing expressions with a large number of nested case when.

  • DI-6472: Xerxes - Support discontinued for third-party library.

  • DI-6487: Commons-Text - Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-6596: Woodstox - Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-6701: Passwords containing special characters are not encoded correctly when generating OAuth2 tokens. This leads to failed authentication.

Semarchy xDI Runtime

Breaking Changes
  • DI-6489: RMI protocol is no longer supported.

  • DI-6248 and DI-7078: The default Jython third-party library shipped with Semarchy xDI Runtime has been upgraded.

    • The related jythonVersion Runtime parameter has been commented by default for the Runtime to use the shipped version by default.

    • The new jython version shipped is known to, at least, having removed the javos module in favor of os module. The scripts using the javos module must be updated to use another module such as the os module.

  • DI-2506: Upgrade Runtime logging from Log4J1 to Log4J2. If you customized the previous Log4J1 configuration, adapt it to Log4J2 configuration format. See Migrating Logging Configurations to Log4J2 format.

  • DI-5226: A new user role named ExecuteAPI is added, dedicated to running deliveries through the API endpoint. This capability is not anymore included inside the Execute role which now focuses on running standalone deliveries. See Runtime Security.

  • DI-6453: The Java Management Extensions (JMX) is now disabled by default. See Configure the Runtime for more details.

  • DI-6247: The Runtime scheduler third-party library (quartz) is updated. This update requires a manual update of the scheduler database by the user. See Upgrade the Runtime.

New Features
  • DI-801: The markInactiveSessionsAsDead command marks inactive sessions as dead.

  • DI-1034: The logging is now centralized by default in one unique file instead of being splitted to multiple files. A sample configuration file with the previous behaviour is available in the properties\samples\logging Runtime folder.

  • DI-2263: The dead status filter has been added to the purge command. This helps purging the sessions easily.

  • DI-2753: The glassfish HTTP server has been replaced with a Tomcat server started through spring-boot.

  • DI-3352: Modules can now be defined when using jython and groovy scripting languages.

  • DI-5223: The default value of the misfireThreshold scheduler property has been changed from 60 seconds to 10 seconds to reduce the time between executions when a delivery is scheduled to fire multiple times.

  • DI-5233: The legacy versions command is deprecated.

  • DI-5623: The SFTP Command action now produces statistics.

  • DI-5657: YAJSW - Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-5819: The XDI_RUNTIME_HOME variable is now supported in runtime .bat scripts.

  • DI-5852: Annotation - Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-5917: New environment variables XDI_RUNTIME_OPTS and XDI_COMMAND_OPTS to define additional java arguments to pass when running the Runtime scripts and Runtime commands. These variables replace the legacy XDI_RUNTIME_INIT_MEMORY, XDI_RUNTIME_MAX_MEMORY and XDI_RUNTIME_STACK_SIZE that are deprecated.

  • DI-5931: In CORE_HTTP_REQUEST_HEADER_<headerName> sessions variables, the <headerName> is now stored in UPPERCASE.

  • DI-5974: The status option of the runtime purge command is now computed as case-insensitive.

  • DI-5992: For security purposes, the runtime only allows connections from localhost with a default configuration.

  • DI-5993: Defining a security configuration is now mandatory, and the default configuration no longer includes an anonymous user.

  • DI-6091: The Runtime sessions' memory cache has been improved to provide better performance and maintenance.

  • DI-6246: Java activation framework - Multiple third-party libraries upgrade.

  • DI-6354: Google Cloud Storage can now be used for storing delivery repositories.

  • DI-6535: Review JDBC Connections management and pooling to improve performances and backend management.

  • DI-6762: Session variables can be retrieved in a JDBC bind.

Bug Fixes
  • DI-802: The Execute Delivery Process Action unexpectedly throws exceptions when executed inside a process invoked through startdelivery.bat or command line schedule on a secured runtime.

  • DI-803: Multiple deliveries started simultaneously in the StartDelivery mode fail.

  • DI-2350: The com.jcraft.jsch.JSchException: Invalid encoding for signature error is thrown in some SFTP server configurations.

  • DI-4144: Runtime database connection pool unexpectedly fails to release connections.

  • DI-5376: In the runtime script, the XDI_RUNTIME_HOME environment variable is incorrectly named as XDI_RUNTIME.

  • DI-5393: Trace log files are not generated when processing multiple files through a wildcard inside the file path.

  • DI-5403: Generating multiple positional files concurrently randomly produces wrong and corrupted files.

  • DI-5407: The com.jcraft.jsch.JSchException: Auth fail error is thrown in some SFTP server configurations.

  • DI-5502: The versions runtime shell command displays the technical number of the release version instead of the public version number.

  • DI-5620: At startup, the runtime throws a NullPointerException when a Vault External Value Resolver is configured.

  • DI-5633: The Unable to locate wrapper.jar error is displayed when trying to install the runtime as a Windows service.

  • DI-5784: The versions runtime shell command displays the technical number of the runtime version instead of the public version number.

  • DI-5791: In runtime scripts, the XDI_RUNTIME_HOME variable should fallback to STAMBIA_HOME if the XDI_RUNTIME_HOME variable is not defined.

  • DI-5810: When running a delivery as a web service, some random latencies occur on sessions, making them longer to run than usual.

  • DI-5842: When running a purge command with an invalid status, the command unexpectedly deletes all sessions.

  • DI-5849: When running the script with the XDI_RUNTIME_HOME variable defined, the script unexpectedly fails if it is executed from a location other than the runtime folder.

  • DI-5893: The FileWait action remains case sensitive even after unchecking the Wait File Case Sensitive checkbox.

  • DI-5904: In the SQL File Export action, the header line uses the technical name of the columns instead of the alias provided in the query.

  • DI-5934: The XML to JDBC action unexpectedly and randomly removes the space characters from data when used to transform large sets of data into a file using the file export mode.

  • DI-5961: Runtime users with the Execute role can now restart a session.

  • DI-6029: The unusued memoryLogCacheDelay and launchReportEngine parameters have been removed from the runtime configuration file.

  • DI-6080: Ant - Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-6126: The script unexpectedly ignores the engineParameters.xml file defined via the XDI_RUNTIME_CONF_FILE_LOCATION variable.

  • DI-6134: Spring-Boot - Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-6162: Netty - Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-6163: Netty-all is no longer supported.

  • DI-6173: The runtime console unexpectdely displays the "An illegal reflective access operation has occurred" warning on startup.

  • DI-6208: The java.lang.NullPointerException error is displayed on the Execute Delivery action when restarting a failed session.

  • DI-6275: JAX-WS - Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-6280: Xalan is no longer supported.

  • DI-6281: BeanShell - Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-6286: Xerces is no longer supported.

  • DI-6287: JDOM is no longer supported.

  • DI-6284: Ant - Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-6288: Groovy - Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-6292: When launching Runtime as a service, after setting java properties in XDI_RUNTIME_VM_PROPERTIES, only the first property is taken into account.

  • DI-6303: AMQP client - Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-6310: SnakeYAML - Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-6336: Commons - Third-party libraries upgrade.

  • DI-6470: HSQLDB - Database upgrade.

  • DI-6471: Xerxes and Xalan - Support discontinued for third-party libraries.

  • DI-6488: Commons Text - Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-6524: Jackson - Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-6594: Spring - Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-6597: Woodstox - Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-6840: Commons Net - Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-6957: Yajsw - Third-party library upgrade.

Semarchy xDI Production Analytics

Breaking Changes
  • DI-5414: The Semarchy xDI Production Analytics Target Platform has been upgraded. Semarchy xDI Production Analytics now requires Java 11. Previous Java versions are not supported anymore.

  • DI-6495: Although still supported for compatibility with previous Runtime versions, RMI is now deprecated in favor of HTTP.

New Features
  • DI-2324: When the Test button is clicked, a dialog displays the status of the tests performed on the connection to the runtime and log database.

  • DI-2393: Analytics REST API documentation is now exposed in the OpenAPI v3 format.

  • DI-2405: Improvements have been made to shorten the loading time of the legacy repository inside the migration wizard.

  • DI-2543: When you execute a delivery containing variables that need to be set with values, a dialog appears allowing you to enter these values before executing the delivery.

  • DI-2815: In Sessions Reports, the user tree column preferences are stored in database allowing users to work with their preferred layout.

  • DI-3043: When deleting a runtime purge, a message is displayed asking users to confirm their decision.

  • DI-3059: Support Wildfly versions 15.x to 26.x. Previous versions are not supported anymore.

  • DI-3083: The Delivery Name Pattern field has been added to the environment definition. This field allows addding prefixes and suffixes around the delivery names using placeholders.

  • DI-3836: In the Session Report editor, when you make changes to a report, you can click the Save as button to save it as a different report. Thus, you can avoid modifying the original report.

  • DI-4422: When using a different job name, the execution mode can be changed in the UI.

  • DI-5096: The URL to access Analytics has been simplified. Users no longer need to add semarchy after http://hostname:port/application-name.

  • DI-5192: The sta_datasource and sta_datasource_tomcat datasources have been renamed to xdi-analytics-datasource and xdi-analytics-datasource-tomcat respectively.

  • DI-5209: In Delivery and Schedule editors, the log level property is now a non-editable list that allows the user to select only a valid pre-defined value.

  • DI-5224: Log4j - Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-5264: In Delivery Project Supervisor, the Status filter allows filtering package managers based on their status.

  • DI-5266: In Delivery Project Supervisor, deliveries can be built in bulk without deploying them.

  • DI-5270: In Administration, package managers are sorted alphabetically.

  • DI-5271: Package managers can now be deleted from the Navigator view by clicking Delete in the contextual menu.

  • DI-5395: The dead status has been added to the runtime purge editor.

  • DI-5266: In Delivery Projects Supervisor, the Deploy and Deploy Deliveries buttons have been replaced by Build and Deploy and Build and Deploy (BULK) buttons respectively. They allow you to choose to only build, only deploy or build and deploy deliveries.

  • DI-5415: In the Session Report editor, the Boundary Mode filter option has been added. Depending on the selected mode, it can returns sessions that started and ended between specific boundaries or the sessions that started, ended, or were running between the boundaries.

  • DI-5813: In the Session Report editor, when specifying dates as filters using the Absolute date option, you can also specify the time in hours, minutes and seconds.

  • DI-6600: Graphic elements have been updated.

  • DI-6789: Graphics have been updated.

Bug Fixes
  • DI-2328: In the Migration wizard, the order of the steps is not coherent.

  • DI-2351: The cancel button in the configuration popup does not cancel the changes and unexpectedly puts the editor in an unsaved state.

  • DI-4008: When the number of opened editors is larger than the screen size, it is not possible to navigate to the editors that are out of the screen.

  • DI-4009: The number of sources displayed on a version is not updated dynamically when importing packages.

  • DI-4563: Some non-relevant errors are logged in the .log file when starting Analytics.

  • DI-4744: An exception is raised when attempting to open the details of an executed delivery.

  • DI-4750: In the Delivery Editor, the vertical scroll bar cannot be scrolled down to the bottom of a particularly long list.

  • DI-4842: Some filter fields do not update the results dynamically as the user types keywords. Users need to click somewhere in the interface to refresh it and update the results.

  • DI-4958: The values of the saved parameters are not displayed when opening an existing schedule that has been created with a specific job name.

  • DI-5321: Errors such as null value in column 'attr_db_id' are thrown when migrating a repository from Analytics 2.x.x that contains attributes that use a nodeId that no longer exists.

  • DI-5347: The PUT method does not remove the packages in a version.

  • DI-5805: The provider name displayed in the Analytics RCP feature is Stambia.

  • DI-5949: The Sessions, Charts, and Timeline tabs unexpectedly stop being displayed.

  • DI-6054: Commons FileUpload - Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-6061: Quartz - Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-6062: The embedded H2 JDBC Driver has been removed.

  • DI-6078: Zjsonpatch - Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-6079: Ant - Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-6081: Jersey - Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-6231: Jackson - Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-6232: Guava - Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-6270: jsoup - Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-6424: Jackson - Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-6472: Xerxes and Xalan - Support discontinued for third-party libraries.

  • DI-6593: Woodstox - Third-party library upgrade.

License Service

New Features
  • DI-5657: YAJSW - Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-5969: The logs displayed when starting the license server are not useful for users and have been removed.

  • DI-6073: Netty - Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-6318: The license server now uses the Jersey 2 framework.

  • DI-6491: The Designer Offline Licenses and the License file of the License Server are now validated using a key pair.

  • DI-6737: The error message displayed when starting the license server with a non-compatible license file has been improved to make it more intelligible.

Bug Fixes
  • DI-5625: The license server does not start when using a custom certificate associated with several subdomain names or wildcarded subdomain names.

  • DI-5639 & DI-5890: Spring - Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-5769: When a custom certificate is defined, the shutdown script of the license server fails with the unable to find valid certification path to requested target error.

  • DI-5891: Jackson - Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-5982: Jersey - Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-5995: Review the services users and roles management to rely on the spring-boot framework.

    This change impacts the ability to view in Semarchy xDI Designer the other users connected to the same license group, which is now disabled by default. If you are actively using this feature, please contact the support team who will assist you to enable this.
  • DI-5997: License Server configuration security enhancements:

    • The security properties are now mandatory in the configuration file.

    • When enabling SSL/TLS for secured communication, you must now provide a keystore.

      See Configure The License Server for more information about security properties configuration.
  • DI-6131: Spring Boot - Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-6132: Commons-Configuration2 - Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-6236 and DI-6891: YAJSW - Third-party library upgrade.