Semarchy xDM 2023.2 Release Notes

Feature Highlights

Purview Connector

Purview is a data governance and data catalog available in Microsoft Azure, to store and manage physical as well as logical metadata assets.

Semarchy xDM version 2023.2 introduces a Purview Connector to synchronize Semarchy metadata - data locations, entities, attributes, and relationships - into Purview, link these logical assets to the corresponding physical assets (GD, SD, etc tables and their columns), and create an end-to-end data lineage via the Semarchy certification process.

This connector is available as a Docker image deployed as an Azure Function for scheduled execution.

Microsoft Purview provides users with visibility of their data assets. The Purview Connector completes this landscape with Semarchy xDM data hubs, including logical assets and lineage from the publishers to the consumers. With Semarchy xDM and Microsoft Purview in an Azure infrastructure, users benefit from an end-to-end offer seamlessly combining master data management, data cataloging, and data governance.

For more information, see Integrate with Purview.

Workflow Administration UI

Semarchy xDM 2023.2 introduces a new feature to its data-driven workflows.

Using a new dedicated Workflow Administration user interface, authorized users can now monitor and administer workflows. This user interface supports searching for and drilling down into a graphical view of currently running or previously executed data-driven workflows, displaying all their capabilities such as routing or parallelism.

Within the interface, workflow administrators can explore the historical workflow stream and details, as well as perform actions such as killing and restarting workflows. They can also use this interface to manually change the assignments of workflows between users. Benefits

The Workflow Administration provides an intuitive interface for monitoring and managing even the most complex data-driven workflows, fit for both administrator and business user profiles.

For more information, see Workflow Administration.

Change Log

Version 2023.2.0

Breaking Changes

Known Issues

  • MDM-7254: With PostgreSQL, the application server hosting the Semarchy xDM instance and the database server must be in the same timezone to avoid inconsistent dates in the integration loads.

  • MDM-7917: A boolean field default value is set to null when creating a record and to false when editing it.

  • MDM-7949: A model with a physical column name using a reserved name raises a validation error but can be deployed.

  • MDM-8034: When stopping Semarchy xDM using the Tomcat Manager, a SEVERE message is logged with org.apache.catalina.loader.WebappClassLoaderBase.checkThreadLocalMapForLeaks…​. This message is a known Tomcat Issue that can be ignored.

  • MDM-8703: Data import from Excel does not properly handle dates before Feb 28, 1900.

  • MDM-8977: Changing a reference to a fuzzy entity while authoring a master record is not taken into account.

  • MDM-9184: Existing FS_ and FP_ reference column values in a basic entity are overwritten by an enricher when this record is modified by direct authoring in the user interface or by API.

  • MDM-10193: When a record in an entity is updated, records with the same ID in inheriting entities are also updated.

  • MDM-10269: Using the SEM_NUMBER_TO_CHAR function with a string argument does not raise a model validation error but fails with an "invalid number" error in the log.

  • MDM-10319: Authoring the same record in two different browser windows makes the second authoring fail with a java.lang.IllegalStateException: Current Step (products) should be a form step error.

  • MDM-12415: Long Integer values higher than 9223372036854700 raise errors when authoring (Invalid ID for data type (longInteger)) or browsing (<entity name> not found) records.

  • MDM-12996: Login and SSO buttons only work when double-clicked on iOS phones and tablets.

  • MDM-13934: The Component Type drop down list in the form editor of the Application Builder contains an unknown semDisplayCard_Label value that raises an Unhandled event loop exception when selected.

  • MDM-13937: Selecting one workflow definition using the table view in Workflow Builder selects all instances.

  • MDM-14146: Enabling the Tomcat security manager cause server startup and integration jobs to raise a access denied error.

  • MDM-14163: Master records cannot be moved to an existing golden record in Merge or Split duplicate managers using the graph view.

  • MDM-14240: Model documentation export fails when the Semarchy instance runs with with JDK 17.

New Features

  • MDM-13601: New Workflow Administration user interface.

  • MDM-13733: The list of candidates for a workflow user task can be refreshed using the REST API.

  • MDM-13795: Purview connector is now available and can be used to synchronize xDM logical and physical assets in Purview.

  • MDM-13972: Semarchy xDM is now certified with Java 17.

  • MDM-14020: Semarchy xDM is now certified with Eclipse Temurin Open JDK.

Bug Fixes

  • MDM-12000: The content in the reference form field is greyed out when the Reference Picker Type is set to Collection.

  • MDM-13332: When Delete Propagation is set to Nullify, no record is created in the child entity golden history when the parent reference is nullified.

  • MDM-13355: A dashboard query using the PATINDEX function fails on SQL Server with an Unable to retrieve data from the server error.

  • MDM-13572: A Hyperlink form field with no value in an authoring form redirects to the welcome page when clicked.

  • MDM-13878: Third-party libraries upgrade: and Lucene.

  • MDM-13892: Some cells are not correctly aligned in data tables.

  • MDM-13894: Unexpected Start Workflow actions are created when generating application components.

  • MDM-13901: In Dashboard Builder, a Missing mandatory value in databaseType error is issued when validating a newly created datasource.

  • MDM-13907: In the datasources configuration, the Secrets Value dialog for the Driver properties has broken labels and title.

  • MDM-13926: With Safari, the Primary Text of entity Display Cards is not visible.

  • MDM-13950: The ID authoring field set with the auto or force-readonly authoring mode displays an empty value instead of a formatted UUID.

  • MDM-13972: Semarchy xDM version 2023.1.0 fails to start with Java 17 JDK.

  • MDM-14022: The backend is called twice when accessing the Review Suggestion editor.

  • MDM-14032: The certification endpoint raises an Unexpected Error when using an enricher with a filter on an FID attribute.

  • MDM-14038: After an upgrade to 2023.1.0, the SEMARCHY_REPOSITORY_READONLY datasource is no longer available as a Dashboard datasource.

  • MDM-14044: After an upgrade to 2023.1.0, the upgraded SemQL in the Authoring Mode form field property is incorrect and raises an ORA-00932 error in Oracle.

  • MDM-14054: Object form fields fail to display content from an URL when browsing.

  • MDM-14070: A form section configured with a horizontal layout incorrectly uses a vertical layout.

  • MDM-14071: The Object form field displays the raw content when configured with a SemQL visibility condition.

  • MDM-14076: Form fields are not displayed in authoring forms under certain conditions.

  • MDM-14093: Object form fields fail to display content from an URL when authoring.

  • MDM-14096: In Dashboard applications, the Cancel button of the Export Records dialog is not localized.

  • MDM-14116: A newly created Dashboard Query raises an unexpected error when validated under certain conditions.

  • MDM-14124: The Workflow Builder links incorrectly appears on the Welcome Page for users with no sufficient privileges.

  • MDM-14125: Third-party library upgrade: Kafka Client.

  • MDM-14127: Third-party library upgrade: Commons File Upload.

  • MDM-14138: When a form is opened in a stepper, a nested exception is Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'order'` is raised with SQL Server under certain conditions.