Welcome to the documentation library for Semarchy xDM.

Getting Started

Release Notes

This document provides the latest information about the Semarchy xDM release, including new features and bug fixes.

Installation Guide

This guide provides information about how to plan and install a Semarchy xDM environment to design and develop MDM projects.

Upgrade Guide

This guide contains information about upgrading Semarchy xDM from previous releases.

Using Semarchy xDM

Developer’s Guide

Using this guide, data architects and MDM developers will learn how to use the Semarchy Workbench to design and develop an MDM project.

Integration Guide

This guide provides integration developers with information about publishing and consuming golden data in an MDM Hub managed with Semarchy xDM.

SemQL Reference Guide

This guide contains information about the SemQL language which is used across Semarchy xDM.

Administration Guide

This guide provides information about how to manage and configure Semarchy xDM in an Enterprise Master Data Management Initiative.

Pulse Profiling User’s Guide

Using this guide, data architects, data stewards and business users can use Semarchy Pulse Profiling to build insight on their data.

Plug-ins Reference Guide

Using this guide, MDM developers will learn how to use the plug-ins provided with the Semarchy xDM platform.

Plug-in Development Guide

Using this guide, Java developers will learn how to extend the capabilities of the Semarchy xDM platform using the Open Plug-in Architecture.

Other Resources

Learn More

In addition to the product manuals, Semarchy provides other resources including whitepapers, datasheets, and a complete set of videos demonstration the product features. The resources are available on the Semarchy Website.

Obtaining Help

There are many ways to access Semarchy Technical Support. You can call or email our global Technical Support Center (support@semarchy.com). For more information, see http://www.semarchy.com/support/ .


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