Semarchy Convergence for Data Integration provides universal data access and enterprise-class capabilities for integration.

Extensible Connectivity Framework

In Convergence for Data Integration, connectivity is a fully extensible framework. Technology Descriptors can be added or customized to support any type of technology without restricting the capabilities to a subset. Built-in Process Templates can also be customized to generate processes optimized for specific use cases.

Built-in Technology Adapters

Out of the box adapters provide read/write access to a variety of systems and data formats including files, databases, XML, web services, applications, etc. They include both the technology descriptors and process templates for these technologies.

Real-Time and Batch Integration Patterns

Both the real-time (Using Changed Data Capture) and batch integration patterns are supported. These patterns cover the most common use cases for Enterprise Data Integration and Master Data Management.

Data Integration Services

Semarchy Convergence for Data Integration provides out of the box access to web services for integration purposes. In addition, data integration flows designed in Convergence for Data Integration can be automatically exposed as web services and used as part of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Unified Semarchy Convergence Platform

Semarchy Convergence for Data Integration is fully integrated with the Semarchy Convergence Platform. Built-in process templates and patterns are provided to manage publishing and consuming master data in the Convergence for MDM golden data hub.