Accelerating Business Outcomes: MIT Enterprise Intelligence Hub Powered by Semarchy xDM

Webinar | November 9, 2021

If we want to succeed, we need to learn quickly. This applies to businesses as well.

Winning enterprises have a data ecosystem that exposes all data, makes it trusted, applies machine learning, and eventually lets it self-learn and evolve – the genesis of a data-driven enterprise. The enterprise that learns and executes the fastest always succeeds. To accomplish this, enterprises need an Enterprise Intelligence Hub (EIH). 

About the Webinar

Join the virtual webinar to dive deep into how you can empower your business with trusted enterprise intelligence. Hear from the experts on how the capabilities of Semarchy xDM and Mastech InfoTrellis’ Enterprise Intelligence Hub (EIH) work hand-in-hand to derive critical insights from your data to help you make informed business decisions.

Receive an overview and demo of EIH and Semarchy xDM and listen in as one of our clients discusses the results of their implementation project. 

Learn more about this partnership with our technical blog.

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