Azure: Real Companies Turning Their Skies Blue with Great Data

Webinar | September 23, 2020

About the Webinar

Due to the pandemic, we have all been challenged with re-imagining new business drivers to improve sustainability and profitability. We’re entering an era where every single organisation must empower its workplace and employees seamlessly both online and offline while also delivering intelligent processes to optimise store operations. And you can’t overlook the opportunity to increase customer engagement in a more personal and relevant way at the same time.

There’s a large focus on AI and big data to meet the expectations above – but the outcome will only be as good as the completeness and quality of the data.

This webinar shared, through diverse client stories, how a data hub approach blends your required business outcomes with the new technologies in data management. Learn how DS Smith, Billabong, Honda, Sanofi and Viajes El Corte Inglés have achieved winning outcomes such as:

  • Reduced costs with centralised governance of customer data
  • Increased customer satisfaction with process integrity using workflows and policies
  • Increased revenue with faster time-to-market, increased product data trust and better brand awareness

About the Speakers

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