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CDAO Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia
July 23, 2024

About the Conference

Join us at CDAO (Chief Data & Analytics Officer) Indonesia 2024 to share insights on the industry’s most critical challenges and real-world opportunities around data, analytics, and AI.

Solutions_ BrainstormData Infrastructure Modernization: Exploring strategies to modernise data infrastructure to support the larger adoption of AI technology
Statistics_ PresentationAI Innovation and Ethics: Understanding the transformative potential of AI technologies while addressing ethical considerations and societal implications
Solutions _Think TankData Governance and Compliance: Highlighting the importance of data governance and regulations in Indonesia’s digital transformation journey
Special Data Strategy and Monetization: Examining effective data strategies to unlock the full potential of data as a strategic asset and revenue generator, including data monetization models

Semarchy at the Event

Semarchy will be exhibiting at the conference. Check back to learn how to connect with us on-site.