Data Management Requirements for Information-Driven Cultures

Event - Denver, US | January 18, 2018

Semarchy, Slalom Consulting-Denver and EMA Research, a thought-provoking gathering of data management enthusiasts who are making data an ever-more valuable asset in their organizations.

Missed the Speaking Session? 

  • Chipotle Mexican Grill – Jeff Cox, IT Architect
  • EMA Research – John Myers, Managing Research Director
  • Semarchy – Michael Hiskey, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Slalom Consulting – Patrick Geselbracht, Practice Area Leader & Jayson Stangel, Practice Area Director for Information Management & Analytics




About the Event 

Information-driven strategies inject the application of new practices, which rely on trusted information systems, deep into an organization. This data guides the application of modern business models, empowers users at every level, and has security and governance built-in. The burgeoning Chief Data Officer (CDO) role is the likely conductor; however, participation from every part of an organization is required for its success.

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