Gartner Data & Analytics Summit Frankfurt 2020

Event - Frankfurt, Germany | 27-28 October, 2020

Returning as a sponsor in 2020, Semarchy is excited to join the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit in Frankfurt once again! 

We look forward to chatting with the 1500+ attendees, networking with the 40+ exhibitors and engaging with 25+ Gartner analysts and experts onsite. 

About Gartner Data & Analytics

In 2020, the Gartner Data & Analytics series of events will be focusing on discovering the technology, insights and trends shaping the future. With more and more organizations learning to use data to their advantage, both internally and competitively, there is a greater need than ever for data literacy. 

This must-attend conference will spotlight important topics including an AI-augmented future, the art of great data storytelling, adaptive governance, and other key future trends.

Would you like to attend?


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