Gartner Data & Analytics Summit London

Event - London | 4-6 March, 2019

Semarchy was pleased to returned to this can't-miss event as a Platinum Sponsor. 

Missed our Session?

Sustainable Data Governance with an Intelligent Data Hub


What's next?

Semarchy is pleased to be a returning Platinum sponsor of Gartner Data & Analytics Summit US event.

Make sure to stop by our booth and don't miss our session "Great Visualization Doesn't Paint Over Messy Data" . Learn how IMA pulled together 96 loose applications and legacy systems to support the business with a meaningful master data and governance framework that has paid big dividends.



About the Event 

The Gartner Data & Analytics Summit surfaces the key trends and developments facing the Chief Data Officer (CDO) and Cheif Analytics Officer (CAO) in modern organisations. Strategies for incorporating AI and machine learning, self-service data and analytics capabilities, privacy, security and the GDPR, building a data-driven culture, and providing governance and trust in an increasingly IoT-enabled world all require an intelligent data hub at the epicenter.

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