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Master Data Management: The Value for Business Today and in the Future

US Virtual
August 14, 2024
1:00 pm - 1:45 pm EST
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An Info-Tech Analyst Webinar

Managing data has become a mission-critical issue, with 84% of businesses stating they have faced more demand for data insights. However, many challenges face organizations that want to be more data-driven including disparate systems, lack of processes, duplicated data, poor quality, and non-compliance.

This is where Master Data Management is proven to be a successful, strategic initiative revolutionizing how businesses manage, use, and leverage their data. At its core, MDM seeks to provide a single source of truth for all master data (customers, products, employees, financial data, locations, assets, etc.) across the organization.

Sounds great, right? But most Master Data Management strategies and implementations fail. This creates further distrust in data and how to manage it. 

In this webinar, industry analysts from Info-Tech and MDM leader, Semarchy join forces to help organizations take their data management strategy to the next level. Attendees can expect to learn:

  • The benefits and importance of Master Data Management
  • Adopting a Master Data Management strategy
  • Use cases and best practices
  • The need for Master Data Management for AI and emerging technologies
  • Getting started and staying successful

Whether you are actively evaluating vendors, looking for a new partner, or just starting your MDM journey, this discussion will provide expert thought leadership and a guide for best practices. 

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Meet Our Speakers

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Igor Ikonnikov, Prinicipal Advisory Director
Info-Tech Research Group

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Steven Lin, Product Marketing Manager