Online Semarchy xDM Certification Session

Certification | October 29, 2020

In order to support our clients as they set up an Intelligent Data Hub, we regularly organize Semarchy xDM certification sessions for our integration partners.  

On the Road to Semarchy xDM Certification

We have a common goal: the success of our clients' data initiatives. As such, we offer a Semarchy xDM certification program to enable our integration partners to position themselves as experts in our solution for this type of project.

3 steps:

  1. Semarchy xDM Training
  2. A Semarchy xDM project implementation within an organization
  3. Passing the certification during a session organized by Semarchy

Ready? Pass your Certification in few hours!

So you passed the first two stages (training and carrying out a project) and now are ready to have your skills validated and officially recognized?

Get your Semarchy xDM certification!


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