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Semarchy Client Story: How to Simplify Mergers & Acquisitions with Master Data Management – UK

UK Virtual
July 18, 2024
1:00 pm - 1:45 pm BST
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Simplifying M&A at Dentsu

Watch the fourth presentation in our Client Success Quarterly Webinar Series! 

This series aims to showcase key success stories of our clients and how Semarchy’s unified data platform helped them achieve their data and business goals. Attendees will be taken through the customer’s journey with Semarchy and discuss initial problems and needs, implementation, outcomes, technical and business recommendations, and future projects.

In this webinar, Dentsu, one of the largest advertising and public relations companies, will discuss how Master Data Management plays a role in data consolidation when mergers or acquisitions happen.  With M&A activity frequently happening within Dentsu, data management and governance became huge challenges. 

Business leaders found a continuous need for a consolidated view of all data to provide accurate and fast insights on all brands globally. Successful mergers and acquisitions are built on accurate, trusted data, and Dentsu knew MDM could accomplish a single source of truth for all customers, vendors, reference data, and more.

With Master Data Management chosen as a foundational strategy for M&A initiatives, Dentsu’s MDM Technical Lead will walk attendees through:

  • The unique business case for MDM for M&A
  • Selecting the right strategic MDM partner
  • Best practices for a successful implementation
  • Getting organizational support for MDM
  • Plans and future goals
  • Outcomes and lessons learned

Whether you’re a business leader, data evangelist, IT professional, or want to learn more about Master Data Management, this webinar will allow you to hear directly from your peers.

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Meet Our Speaker

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Master Data Management Technical Lead