Semarchy xDM Online Training (UK)

Training | 22-26 November, 2021

This five-day course will train attendees in the fundamentals of the Semarchy xDM platform. With an emphasis on dedicated hands-on exercises as they build their intelligent Data Hub, students will finish the course with a comprehensive solution which imports, validates, enriches, matches, and applies survivorship - creating Golden Records. Additional topics will include data modeling, dashboard design, and ongoing development. Our trainers, both MDM and xDM experts, will provide best practice solutions based on real-world experience. For attendees who want to become certified in Semarchy xDM, this course is the first step on the path toward certification.

Training Program 


Practical Information

Full Capacity - Session Closed.

Thank you for your interest in this training session. Unfortunately, we have reached the maximum amount of attendees. However, the same session is available next month from 10-14 January 2022.

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