Control and Governance of Personal Data in a Complex and Moving Applications Environment

Webinar | June 16, 2020

Semarchy was pleased to host this webinar with a special guest Frederic Deraet, IT Department Manager at AG2R La Mondiale in France. 

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As part of its digital transformation, AG2R La Mondiale, the French leader in pensions and insurance, set up an innovative urbanization architecture for its information system to better serve its customers and business users. During this 45-min webinar, Frederic Deraet, IT Department Manager, presented how AG2R La Mondiale directed this effort around personal data and share his experience through:

  • Construction of a unique and shared vision of people in a complex, siloed, constantly evolving application environment
  • Operational Data Hub Integration architecture with business applications and a data lake
  • Benefits of the Data Hub approach: improved customer relations, better regulatory risks management (GDPR), optimization of operational costs, fluidity and transparency of information

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