Solutions for Business-Driven Master Data Management

Webinar | January 7, 2016

Join Salah Kamel, industry veteran and CEO of Semarchy, as he explains his vision for driving value through an agile, business-driven MDM approach. Learn how your organization, using this agile methodology, can create value for your business in weeks.

About the Webinar

You will find the webinar useful if you deal with problems like the following examples. Your business is dealing with unexpected customer churn or increased customer frustration with your support processes. Your company is finding it increasingly difficult or costly to deal with compliance challenges, fraud issues, or efficiently managing your online marketplace. Improving these business processes and finding relief can be a challenge. So, what connects all of these seemingly disparate problems?

The core issue is likely to be poorly governed data shared between your internal systems.  Semarchy’s Master Data Management solutions directly address these problems. Sign up now to learn how these solutions can apply to your business.


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