GDPR and xDM

There truly is no silver bullet for GDPR. However, UK and other EEA organizations are putting in practice fast-path GDPR data solutions that solve for data subject access rights and requests without long consulting engagements that yield results in weeks. Lasting change is possible, and affords a myriad of unintended benefits from increased intimacy with the people data in your organisation.

xDM, the Intelligent Data Hub from Semarchy can fast-track your path to responding to the data requirements for GDPR. While there is no “fix all”, the combination of capabilities in the platform have empowered our clients to address the type of data needs related to Data Subject Rights quickly.  Integration is still required; however, most of those clients have a meaningful solution that any Data Protection Officer or nontechnical staff can use in a matter of weeks. 

Specifically, xDM will help address the following key components of GDPR:

  •  Right of Access
  •  Right of Portability
  •  Right to Erasure (aka “right to be forgotten”)
  •  Right of Rectification

GDPR Datasheet ThumbnailGDPR Datasheet

Download this datasheet to see how Leveraging xDM is the fastest way to provide the widest audience within an organization a way to address data subject access requests for some of the most challenging requirements of GDPR compliance.

Want to see more on GDPR?

Click the button below to view a presentation by Semarchy and our partners that serve as advanced classes’ on GDPR focusing on practical experience, rather than “What is GDPR and why should you care.” Beyond the talk of scary fines, or over-promised software or consulting offerings trying to be a “Silver Bullet,” in all cases, it will require the right blend of people processes and technology to successfully meet the data requirements associated with GDPR.

Additionally, the following articles delve further into our thoughts on GDPR and how to best address its challenges 

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