How to Secure Executive Sponsorship
for Your MDM Project

A Semarchy Whitepaper

Whitepaper: How to Secure Executive Sponsorship for your MDM Project

  • Are you tired of spending hours consolidating critical information that’s scattered in various applications?
  • Are you frustrated by manually cleansing data over and over again?
  • Are you unsure about the demographics of your most loyal customers?
  • Is dirty data contaminating your entire decision process?

Organizations everywhere are tapping into master data management (MDM) to solve these types of data challenges. And they’re reaping widespread benefits, from increased operational efficiency to optimally targeted campaigns and even revenue growth.

Over the past decade, MDM has become a critical element of data management. Moreover, it can be one of the most exciting data initiatives resulting in the integration of systems, data, people, and processes.
A wide-reaching MDM project requires leadership and corporate support. That’s why solid executive sponsorship stands out among key success factors.

This whitepaper will help you win over your executive sponsor in five steps and pave the way for a successful enterprise-wide MDM project.

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