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IBM Master Data Management Solution

IBM offers its customers an open, hybrid, multi-cloud approach if they prefer to build on their existing investments and acquire incremental cloud benefits. However, such an approach also brings the challenges of managing, governing, securing, and integrating data – which Semarchy’s Unified Data Platform can solve effectively. Transform your IBM master data management today.

Solve your IBM master data management challenges

IBM applications underpin the business operations of many enterprises. Create an intelligent data hub with the Semarchy Unified Data Platform for an IBM master data management (MDM) solution that centralizes critical data across applications, enabling seamless data sharing. 

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Apply data governance and quality with minimal complexity

Avoid data mismatching, eliminate duplicate records, and improve data governance initiative by connecting your IBM applications to our Unified Data Platform for superior master data management software (Semarchy xDM) and data integration software (Semarchy xDI).

Avoid a costly and lengthy integration project

Democratize your workload deployments with simplifying complex data, capturing ROI fast, and maintaining ongoing operations with our IBM MDM solution. 

Unlock the true potential of IBM’s BI and analytics capabilities

Aggregate and integrate data sources and deliver actionable insights and self-serve analytics in real-time, automated feeds through the Semarchy Unified Data Platform.

Migrate to the cloud seamlessly

Use the cloud-friendly capabilities of the Semarchy Unified Data Platform to move IBM on-premise applications to a hybrid cloud environment with speed and efficiency while optimizing your cloud usage. Learn more about cloud migration.

Maximize your IBM investment

Use Semarchy’s platform to get your data management and integration right. Its cloud architecture uses the same concepts and code base as your on-premise applications. It supports key IBM products such as Netezza, DB2, and Lotus.

Streamline IBM data management

Whether your organization is moving to a hybrid, multi-cloud scenario or single cloud, the process will require meticulous planning as it involves moving data phase by phase. Automating the migration process will boost developer productivity while streamlining your operations.

  • Operate with speed and flexibility

    Ultimately, end users seek faster, easier, more wide-ranging data access, regardless of whether back-end data stores and applications are in the cloud or on-site data centers. Semarchy’s unified ELT approach can optimize your infrastructure with agility, flexibility, and security for improved decision-making and optimized operations.

  • Migrate your on-prem IBM data

    Complete cloud adoption may not be the best option for all companies due to resource, time, or competitive constraints. Our IBM master data management solution is hybrid and multi-cloud ready to help in these scenarios by rapidly moving data into cloud environments.

  • Integrate data from any sources reliably

    As an organization’s IT function evolves, so does its architecture and data strategy. Semarchy xDI provides users with a Universal Data Mapper for consistency across all data integrations between IBM and diverse source technologies.

  • Fast-track reliable results

    Semarchy’s xDI’s component generates results rapidly with universal connectivity. Its extensive connector portfolio supports legacy and current sources, while preconfigured templates provide out-of-the-box capabilities that save valuable implementation time.

  • Raise performance with scalability

    Semarchy Unified Data Platform’s ELT architecture uses IBM’s native capabilities and leverages its performance to optimize workloads. The platform’s scalable technology also enables you to accelerate and industrialize implementing your API and web services components.

  • Respond with agility to changing requirements

    Semarchy xDI’s scalable and flexible architecture involves low code development to facilitate rapid project generation to meet growing business or technical requirements. Fully customizable templates support other customer specificities or underlying tech changes.

  • Connect to any cloud platform

    Our IBM MDM software can be deployed on any cloud platform using the same code base and license. It enables users to work with multiple cloud providers, avoiding being stuck with a private cloud lock-in or a closed ecosystem.

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Which IBM solution is the Semarchy connector compatible with?

Our solution is compatible with IBM products such as Netezza, DB2, and Lotus.

What are the key benefits of using Semarchy’s IBM MDM solution?

Customers using our IBM MDM solution benefit from seamless data integration, reduced TCO (by 80%), rapid cloud data migration, and overall performance and productivity gains.

How does your solution support IBM Netezza data warehouses?

Semarchy xDI works with IBM Netezza data warehouses to produce fully customized integration processes.

Make your switch to Semarchy

Get powerful IBM master data management and more with the Semarchy Unified Data Platform. Choose our Unified Data Platform today, and capture ROI by next quarter. Request a demo, start a free trial, or get a proof of value consultation to get started.