Semarchy Convergence Pulse provides advanced Master Data Governance Features, including measurement and analysis capabilities to profile source data and monitor the health of master data hubs managed with Convergence for MDM.

Discover Your Data Domains

Convergence Pulse provides high-level profiling capabilities to help discover data domains at any stage of a data governance initiative. The Pulse Profiling component scans data tables and gathers profiling statistics such as high/low values, counts, value and patterns distributions, etc.

These measures and dashboards empower architects and business users to infer the structure and data rules applicable to the master data entities. Pulse Profiling is a critical asset in the design iterations of a multi-domain master data model.

Monitor and Govern Master Data Health

The Pulse Metrics component provides the required features to govern the value of the MDM investment.  It gathers in the pre-build Pulse Metrics Warehouse statistics from the hubs managed by Semarchy Convergence for MDM.

These statistics include:

  • Data Performance metrics for master and golden data, changed data, duplicates, rejects, data quality issues, volumes and data loads, etc.
  • Workflow Performance metrics and SLAs, including data volumes, durations and backlogs.

Using these metrics and the predefined dimensions, business users and data stewards can analyze and monitor the performance and trends of their MDM hubs

Unlimited Analysis

Metrics, statistics and trends gathered and computed by Pulse Profiling and Pulse Dashboard are available in open structures called the Pulse Warehouses. Users can analyze them using the built-in Pulse Dashboards for Microsoft Excel, or using their corporate business intelligence or visualization tools.