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A complete application in less than 2 weeks!

Our teams work on your data with minimal involvement from your teams and deliver a complete reference data or master data management application in less than 2 weeks.

Proof of Value

When considering a master data project, organizations quickly face the challenge of evaluating ROI and value in order to gain executive sponsorship. Sponsors frequently perceive such projects as risky and time-consuming with low chances of success. They require convincing with solid facts.

Our Proof of Value approach addresses this challenge.


We build key performance metrics in our application using xDM from Semarchy to help you estimate a measurable ROI.


We build the first iteration for you and provide you with tangible results to share with your teams and your executives. Demonstrating  results with your own data will win over your colleagues.


We leverage our experience to walk you through the common pitfalls and initial challenges of MDM and RDM projects.

Business Case by Industry

Financial Services

We will consolidate, match and merge your customers or legal entity data. We also design your future centralized repository of products, services, and accounts with efficient business processes. The Proof of Value helps you demonstrate better customer experience, better account management, lowered risks, reduced marketing costs and reduced data reconciliation operational costs.


We gather your product information into a single repository to craft a consistent digital experience for multi-channel e-commerce and m-commerce. Then we design and orchestrate business processes to keep this data updated, consistent and integrated with your back-office applications.  We integrate your supplier, location, and customer data within a single de-duplicated 360° view for better tracking and behavior analysis. The Proof of Value demonstrates improved efficiency, reduced costs, reduced launch time for products, and optimized supply chain management. For party-related projects, we focus on how the customer experience improves drastically or how your initiative would naturally lead to cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Retail example - Customer 360° consolidation
Manufacturing Example - Product centralization MDM


To avoid boiling the ocean by considering the entire set of your industry’s requirements in a single pass, we focus on making sure that everyone shares the same level of understanding of your products across the enterprise. This opens up the possibility to optimize either your relationship with your suppliers or with your customers. Each domain will bring its own set of benefits, such as improved efficiency to deliver your services, optimized supply chain, shorter time-to-market for products, simplified data reconciliation for faster M&A, and better knowledge of your procurement.


Like the industries above, government has a broad set of possibilities for an MDM initiative. We first start with centralizing your assets and then shift our focus to person/citizen identification. Alternately, we can consider managing your reference data related to places, and even building a single repository of your services. Depending on where you start, we will help you justify the different benefits, such as better regulatory compliance, improved citizen service, better protection, improved security, reduced operational costs and data transparency.

Government example - Identity consolidation


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