Master Data Management Training

Accelerate your skills and empower your learning with hands-on master data management trainings. Our expert trainers guide you through intensive courses that help you get the most out of Semarchy Convergence.

Convergence for MDM Classes

Data Stewardship

The one-day hands-on class brings data stewards up to speed in the fastest way possible and empower them to manage data and contribute to the RDM or MDM initiative.

Modeling & Application Design

This hands-on training helps developers harness the power of Convergence for MDM to create comprehensive data models and rules as well as rich and interactive applications to use across the organization.

Integration & Administration

This hands-on training teaches administrators the tasks and best practices to set up and maintain the Semarchy Convergence platform. It also explains architects how to integrate Convergence in the enterprise infrastructure.

Convergence for Data Integration Classes

Development & Administration

The hands-on class brings integration architects and designers up to speed with Convergence for Data Integration and guides them through an entire integration project, from the initial setup and design tasks to the deployment and administration operations.

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