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Getting Started

Follow this tutorial for a simple introduction to Semarchy xDM.
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Video Tutorials

Learn more about Semarchy in these video tutorials.
Tutorials by Role: Data Stewardship | Design | Administration

Data Stewardship

These short tutorial videos highlight common features for data stewards using master data management applications generated by Convergence for MDM.

Searching the hub
Learn how to navigate the Semarchy hub using the Data Steward's view. You'll learn to search for records and create filters for advanced searching.
Editing with Excel
Learn how to export records to edit in bulk using Excel. This time-saving feature lets you use skills you're already familiar with to edit your data. When you're ready, import your records back into the MDM hub.
Confirming duplicate records
Learn how to use the duplicate management workflow to check out golden records pending a user decision. Data stewards can use the workflow to manually match records, split false matches, and confirm system-identified matches.
Creating & editing records
Learn how to use a data entry workflow to create and edit records with Semarchy's built-in editor. Validate rules will check the record before it is submitted to the MDM hub.


These short tutorial videos highlight common features for designer using the Convergence for MDM Workbench to design master data management applications.

Exporting Model Documentation
Learn how to export your model definitions so you can store the documentation externally. The model docs are in HTML format so you can upload them to an internal website for your data management staff to reference.
Creating Table Views
Learn how to create table views to determine how your data stewards see records in the hub.
Creating Form Views: Flow Layout
Learn how to create a form view with a flow layout that your data stewards can use to create new records and edit data in the MDM hub.
Creating a SemQL enricher
Learn how to create a SemQL enricher, which allows you to transform data and enrich records from multiple source systems. SemQL is a SQL-based language used to write expressions in the MDM hub.
Creating a Google Geocoding Enricher
Learn how to create a plug-in enricher that uses the Google Maps geocoding API to return a geocoded address with additional values, such as latitude and longitude.
Creating a Phone Number Enricher
Learn how to use plug-in enrichers to enrich US phone numbers. In this example the enricher standardizes the phone numbers to the US format (ddd) ddd-dddd.


These short tutorial videos highlight common features for Semarchy Convergence platform administrators.

Launching Semarchy on AWS Marketplace
Learn how to launch Semarchy Convergence for Master Data Management (MDM) on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. You will walk through subscribing to Semarchy, launching an RDS instance, and configuring the MDM server.
Suspending a Job
Learn how to suspend and cancel a long-running job in the Semarchy workbench. It's a fast and easy way to stop integration jobs running.
Dropping a Data Location
Learn how to drop a data location in the Semarchy workbench, saving you time during the early development phases of an MDM project.
Importing Plug-ins
Learn how to import plug-ins into the Semarchy Convergence for MDM platform. Importing plug-ins allows you to greatly extend your enrichment capabilities. Find out more about how to build plug-ins for Semarchy at
Semarchy Tutorial - Promoting to Production
Learn how to promote your data model from development to application testing or production. You will learn how to export your model edition, import it into your production environment and activate your model in a new data location.

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