Master Data Management Videos


We have simplified the MDM message and made it accessible to all through a series of videos.
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Why do I need MDM?

A quick cartoon introducing the MDM problem and the impact it has on an enterprise, featuring the Smith Family looking for Grandma’s phone number.

What is Evolutionary MDM™?

Evolutionary Master Data Management is a new approach to creating reliable, consolidated master data, that minimizes the time and cost impact of the traditional MDM endless journey.


Semarchy Customers Speak

Semarchy customers introduce you to their MDM initiatives completed with Evolutionary MDM™ and Semarchy Convergence for MDM.

Evolutionary MDM™ at DiamondStream

Watch Iulia Stefan, Marketing Services Manager at DiamondStream explain how Evolutionary MDM™ and Semarchy have enabled her to deliver her customers consolidated data in a changing and challenging environment.


Customer 360°

Discover how Semarchy can build a 360˚ view of your customers from multiple sources, and how it provides powerful hierarchy management to help you visualize your customers’ corporate structures.

Product Information Management (PIM)

Discover how Semarchy enables collaboration to create and maintain product data, media assets and custom hierarchies.

Reference Data Management (RDM)

Agile Reference Data Management (RDM) makes your enterprise more effective. Discover how Semarchy’s RDM solution adapts to rapidly changing markets so you can rely on a consistent and secure data foundation.

Best of Breed DQ and MDM with Melissa Data

Semarchy Convergence for MDM combines with Melissa Data to deliver unique capabilities to clean, standardize and check global address, name, phone, and email information. With Convergence for MDM and Melissa Data, integrate and increase the quality of your supplier, location, and customer data within a single de-duplicated 360° view.

Convergence for MDM

Convergence for MDM Overview

This video introduces the features and user experience of Convergence for MDM.

Convergence for MDM Product Tour

Discover the master data management challenges and how Convergence for MDM solves them.

If you want to see Semarchy Convergence in action and learn how it works, watch our video tutorials.

More videos, including product demos are available on our YouTube Channel.