Extending the Value of MDM Through Data Virtualization

A Whitepaper by Dirk Garner

Accurate, timely, and whole information assets are critical to success in this fast-moving business climate. By the time complicated IT Projects deliver this information capability it is likely to be out of date. The combination of two complimentary agile technologies, data virtualization and agile Master Data Management, when paired together, can provide a new approach to getting all relevant information in the right place at the right time. This paper provides an overview of both of these empowering technologies and how they can work together to solve complicated enterprise data integration and quality issues.

The Value-Driven Approach to Master Data Management

A Semarchy Whitepaper by Anna Li

Semarchy’s value-driven approach is changing the way customers think about success. Finally customers can realize value in weeks, not months. This whitepaper explains how Semarchy partners with its customers using the value- driven approach to solve customers’ biggest pain points while maximizing return on investment.

The Business Value of Master Data

By Mike Ferguson, Intelligent Business Strategies

This paper looks at the impact of uncontrolled master data and data anomalies to explain why managing your data effectively is so important. It then looks at what happens if you don’t do anything about data anomalies, which often happens when business professionals don’t understand why data management is relevant to their job. It recommends actions to maximize business value from master data and how MDM can be integrated into existing operational and analytical environments

Field Report: Semarchy for Agile Reference Data Management

By Aaron Zornes, Chief Research Officer of the MDM Institute

During 2015-16, we believe a great amount of current and next-generation commerce will be facilitated by on-premises and cloud-based RDM solutions that support both “private” and “public” reference data. “Public” reference data is what many people typically think of when they consider reference data.

Reference Data Management is a major IT initiative being undertaken by a large number of market-leading global 5000 enterprises. Both as an IT discipline and a commercial off-the-shelf software solution, RDM solutions are being brought to market at an increasing pace. Additionally, RDM is a good entry-level project to show success for initial MDM investment which can be built on as a data governance model.

Business-Oriented Data Governance for Effective Master Data Management

By David Loshin, Knowledge Integrity, Inc.

The explosive growth of the information economy has motivated organizations to rethink the way they convert data into actionable information and intelligence. To use the massive volumes of data, there is a need to ingest, capture, prepare, manage, and analyze that data with a strong emphasis on data quality management. The C-level managers are rapidly recognizing data governance as a “must-have” for the enterprise. Unfortunately, poorly-designed and minimally-planned data governance processes are fundamentally ineffective because they are viewed as bureaucratic and overwhelming. Yet proper data governance is a critical success factor for master data management.

This paper examines the motivations for coupling data governance with master data management and considers how to evolve data policies and processes to position master data management for success.

An Agile Approach to Creating Business Value with Master Data Management

By David Loshin, Knowledge Integrity, Inc.

This paper explores how the operational processes employed to create and populate a master data repository often deemphasize the needs of the data consumers, leading to impediments in productionalizing the master data management environment and difficulty in its integration within enterprise business functions. In turn, the paper discusses an alternative path that adapts aspects of the agile development approach to focus on master data consumption and how that shapes the materialization of composite master views. Finally, the paper suggests some of the key features that an agile MDM tool must provide as guidance for considering vendors and products.

This agile approach to designing and implementing an MDM program will speed time-to-value, reduce the complexity of integration and deployment, and promote adoption among an expanding cadre of MDM consumers across the enterprise.

How to Secure Executive Sponsorship for your MDM Project

By Semarchy

Over the past decade, MDM has become a critical element of data management. Moreover, it can be one of the most exciting data initiatives resulting in the integration of systems, data, people, and processes.

A wide-reaching MDM project requires leadership and corporate support. That’s why solid executive sponsorship stands out among key success factors.

This whitepaper will help you win over your executive sponsor in five steps and pave the way for a successful enterprise-wide MDM project.

The Reference Data Management Workbook

By Semarchy

This workbook is designed for information management professionals investigating when and how to launch an RDM program. It empowers you to follow your strategic decisions and business vision, the two necessary elements to jumpstart an RDM program.

Actionable tasks defined in this 20 page workbook define key concepts to consider and outline important checklists to keep you on track.