Semarchy Convergence for MDM enables master data governance using human workflows for master data authoring, validation and duplicate records management. Using graphical human workflows, business users, data stewards and data owners can collaborate to contribute to the highest quality content for the master and golden data records.

Graphical Human Workflows at Design-time & Runtime

Human Workflows enable business users, data stewards and data owners to author and validate master data in the MDM hub as well as manage duplicates in an application. These workflows are designed graphically in the data model and used at run-time in a similar way.

Role-based and User-based Task Assignment

Tasks in human workflows are automatically assigned to user roles and claimed by users having these roles for processing. Workflows can involve different roles and users for authoring master data, managing duplicates and validating data manipulations.

Email Notifications

Tasks assignments automatically trigger e-mail notifications. These notifications guide users in their collaborative effort in the context of the workflow.

Shared Data Manipulation Transactions

Data authored or managed in a workflow is handled in a shared transaction attached to the workflow activity. This transaction is isolated from the hub content, can be cancelled as part of the workflow or submitted when the activity completes.

Data Certification Rules Enforced on Transaction Data

Submitting a workflow automatically triggers the data certification process. The enrichment, validation, de-duplication and matching rules defined in the data certification framework for incoming source data also applies to the data manipulated by the users. This guarantees the highest consistency and quality of the certified data.

Full Support for Data Authoring, Consolidation and Hybrid Hub Patterns

Semarchy Convergence for MDM supports the three main hub patterns: Consolidation, Data Entry and Hybrid. In a contribution model, existing applications publish large volumes of master data in the Semarchy’s Convergence Hub™ while business users use the MDM applications and workflows to browse and modify the certified master data simultaneously.