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    Convergence for MDM is our complete software solution to govern reference and master data. It supports simple, fast and safe Evolutionary MDM™.

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Semarchy Convergence for MDM is our core Master Data Management (MDM) and Reference Data Management (RDM) software. It provides all the MDM tools for data quality, data validation, data matching, deduplication, data authoring, workflows, and more.

Convergence for MDM is the Evolutionary Master Data Management platform that is built from the ground up to help you design, manage and govern all your reference and master data. By supporting the Evolutionary MDM™ iterative approach, it is best suited to enable your data governance strategy to grow incrementally over time, thus minimizing your time-to-value and risks while maximizing your return on investment.

Quickly design comprehensive applications for managing any data

Convergence for MDM allows you to collaborate with your IT team to define the best applications to govern your data domain. Design is made easy, safe and fast with an intuitive graphical design-time experience. Any reference data or master data domain can be described, including customers, contacts, products, items, parts, assets, employees, organization, financial hierarchies and more. You do not need to have the full description of all your systems to get started. Simply iterate to expand the breadth and shape of your domains.

Leverage, improve and share your existing data assets

Convergence for MDM helps you gather information from all your existing systems to improve its quality and convert it into golden data. With its pre-built data enrichment and standardization plug-ins, you are able to cleanse and augment the value of your existing data with third-party data, Big Data and Social Data sources. Thanks to the automated match/merge processes, your data remains consistent and uniquely identified across systems and applications. The Web Services and data integration APIs provided in the solution deliver your cleansed, enriched, matched and merged data to your upstream operational applications such as your ERP, Financials or CRM and also to your downstream systems such as your e-commerce, data warehouse or marketing applications.

Convergence for MDM Human Workflow

Collaborate for creating and securing new data assets

Convergence for MDM provides a pre-built framework to design and orchestrate human workflows for authoring and managing your critical reference and master data. Workflows adapt to any organization and can leverage existing business processes. They can describe the new data governance rules and processes to accommodate the creation and management of new data domains. Thanks to role-based policies, regulatory compliance rules across industries are seamlessly described and enforced by Convergence for MDM.

Measure, govern and drive by value!

Convergence for MDM, with the addition of Convergence Pulse, provides you with detailed metrics and dashboards, reporting the health of your data and processes. Metrics on data completeness and compliance, on duplicates and on workflow performance help you optimize the way you use and share your reference and master data to get the best possible value across your applications.

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Semarchy Convergence is The Solution to all your master and reference data use cases.

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