Semarchy Convergence for MDM provides a fast and iterative modeling framework that simplifies the design of semantically complete master data models. It enables business users to collaborate closely with the IT department to define high-level concepts expressed using business terminology. This single point of definition of the master data and reference data enables true evolution towards business consensus.

Full Multi-Domain MDM

Semarchy Convergence for MDM is a full, multi-domain MDM platform. Modeling supports any type of complex business entity and any kind of domain. Using Semarchy Convergence for MDM, every master data initiative is designed with the same speed and ease of use, regardless of the functional domain.

Unique Graphical Web Experience

Semarchy Convergence for MDM provides an intuitive and unique experience for designing data models. The Semarchy Workbench Web 2.0 interface allows designers to model master data in graphical diagrams. The simplicity of the user experience enables business and IT collaboration early in the design phases resulting in fast implementation of changes.

Entities, Relationships and Complex Data Types

The comprehensive modeling supports object-oriented and entity-relation methods for design. Modeling supports entities, attributes using built-in or user-defined types, complex types and list of values. The various entities can be easily related using complex relationships (many to many and one to many).


The modeling framework supports entity inheritance. Via inheritance, entities can derive from parent entities and extend this parent with additional attributes, relationships and behavior.

Semarchy’s Convergence Hub™

Semarchy’s Convergence Hub™, includes the data structures and the processes participating in the master data certification. These are automatically generated using the artifacts designed in the logical model. In Semarchy Convergence for MDM, the design directly drives the implementation with no intermediate or additional development steps, thus enabling true iterative “design-and-release” cycles.

Security at the Attribute Level

Security is designed as part of the model and uses enterprise-class role-based security. Privileges for accessing, editing or exporting data are defined at the entity or attribute level. They are enforced in the Semarchy’s Convergence Hub™ to prevent unauthorized access by users or applications.

Built-in Internationalization

Semarchy Convergence for MDM supports out-of-the-box internationalization of the business entities. Every label appearing to the users is automatically externalized and can be translated in the model into any language.